Tinger Track ATV: Russian conqueror

Tinger Track ATV
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L ada Germany has discovered a new playground - the Tinger. Tinger? A plastic bathtub with a chain drive, so to speak, that digs its way through any terrain and can even swim. Only flying is not part of the repertoire.

Tinger ATV only for off-road

The robust nature of the Tinger also corresponds to its robust construction. A one-piece, impact-resistant plastic shell is wrapped around a steel frame. In the rear of the three-meter-long, two-meter-wide and 1.26-meter-high Tinger, depending on the version, there is an 812 cc three-cylinder with 57 hp or a 1.1-liter four-cylinder with 68 hp.

The drive chains are controlled by a duplex chain via a CVT transmission with two forward and one reverse gears. These in turn consist of a composite material with a coarse profile and promise propulsion on any surface. The Tinger is controlled like a motorcycle from a handlebar. The brakes and accelerator are on the right. Those who turn properly here can reach around 35 km /h with the Tinger, which weighs between 580 and 1,000 kg, depending on the equipment. The consumption is 4 to 8 liters per hour, the tank capacity is specified as 38 liters. When the crew huddles together, there is space for 5. The payload is 500 kilograms.

If you want, you can order a trailer and a tent-style hood for the Tinger. Convenience and safety features, on the other hand, are not available for money and good words. A German road approval for the tracked vehicle is still in the stars. Here at Lada they want to go to the German authorities. The road approval is firmly planned for the following versions with wheel drive (6 and 8 wheels). And what does the off-road fun cost? The prices have not yet been finalized, but at least 16,500 euros can be expected, says Lada Germany.

You ask who should buy the Tinger? Large landowners, hunters, foresters or event organizers are named here.


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