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Thyssenkrupp Elevator: Spare parts in an autonomous transport capsule

Thyssenkrupp Elevator
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D he topic of autonomous driving is not only relevant for passenger traffic, also in the issue of supplying goods is becoming increasingly important. The Thysenkrupp Group has now presented a concept with self-propelled transport capsules at the IAA, which is supposed to bring spare parts and other material independently and precisely to the place of use. These transport capsules are developed in cooperation with TeleRetail. The driverless transport systems are cloud-based and can form entire value-added and logistics networks, because the independently maneuvering vehicles ensure greater efficiency, safety and smooth logistics.

Autonomous delivery of spare parts to the place of use

The small transport capsules could also be used on footpaths.

When servicing elevator and escalator systems Spare parts are always needed quickly and flexibly on site. If a failed part is required, the technician must either drive the service vehicle back to the branch or have it delivered to him by colleagues. As a rule, these trips are made with bulky small delivery vans. However, as the volume of traffic increases in densely populated cities, so does the pressure on existing supply chains. The driverless transport capsules could bring spare parts more flexibly, faster and more environmentally friendly from the warehouse to the place of use.

With a width of just 85 cm, the manoeuvrable capsules are also suitable for sidewalks and thus relieve road traffic. They can also be used to develop traffic-calmed inner cities. You can transport loads of up to 35 kg. Via access to the so-called LogisticsAutomation platform can also get a quick overview of the delivery status.


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