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This is how the driving license theory test works

Theoretical driving test
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D he theoretical examination can take place three months before the minimum age of respective driver's license class. Compliance with the prescribed theory lessons is compulsory, which means that at least twelve “basic training” teaching units must be included. Those who have already passed a driving test only have to complete six “compulsory hours” for training in a second class.

Good preparation is half the battle

In order to avoid unnecessary costs and stress, however, the theoretical driving test should only be tackled when the exercise sheets are in place and you are well prepared.

The theoretical examination takes place in writing under the supervision of a TÜV or Dekra expert. The test sheets correspond to the exercise sheets in the driving school. In some federal states, the exam on the PC is already offered. This has been the case in Hamburg since December 1st, 2008 - Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland Palatinate, Saarland and other federal states have already switched to the PC test.

By January 1st, 2010 according to the will of the federal government, the theoretical driving test should be carried out exclusively on the PC in all federal states. The PC mouse only replaces the pen - there are also a total of 30 questions on basic and specialist knowledge with different weighting.

Driving license theory in the multiple choice test

There are one or more possible answers to each question (multiple choice). All questions have different points of error. If you exceed the permitted number of error points, you fail. A new exam is usually only possible at a later point in time (two weeks) and costs money again (for fees, see section on costs “Prices for the exams”). If a student fails three times, he has to wait six months before he is admitted to the test again.

Learning materials for the driving license theory test

The test sheets and the land register must be in the Driving schools are bought by the student themselves and serve as teaching material and to prepare for the theory test. Using a template, the student can check whether the answers are correct or incorrect and calculate the points of error. The teaching material ismostly available in different languages.


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