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Think City: E-car from Norway is also starting in the USA

Think City
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D The company says it plans to invest in the factory in Elkhart County $ 43.5 million (€ 30.2 million). From there, the Think City electric car will also begin its triumphal march through the USA from 2011.

The Think City is already available in Europe

In Europe, delivery of the Think City started in December 2009, but only in selected markets such as Austria , Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. The production in Europe is taken over by the Danish company Valmet Automotive, which is also responsible for the production of the Porsche Boxster as well as Porsche Cayman .

The Think City is a purely battery-operated four-seater that is primarily designed for use in city centers. According to the company, its body and interior are made from recyclable materials. The lithium-ion batteries supplied by EnerDel and A123 Systems should enable a range of up to 161 kilometers. Think specifies the top speed of the two-door model, which is just 3.12 meters long, at 113 km /h. A complete charge of the Think City batteries takes around ten hours.

The Think City starts in the US from 30,000 dollars

The Norwegian company Think is currently trying to set up a dealer network in the USA. From 2011, the Think City in America will be launched on the US market at a price of around 30,000 US dollars (around 21,000 euros, including state premiums for environmentally friendly vehicles).


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