These are the worst speeders in Europe

Hardy Mutschler
Caught way too quickly
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N , there is no glory sheet to appear in these statistics. The documented cases impressively show that there was no sense or reason for speeding, other road users and themselves were endangered and in some cases the crime was even denied.

However, all cases also show how different extreme traffic offenses in the European countries be punished. Exceeding 180 km /h in Germany resulted in a driver's license being withdrawn, 4 points and a fine of 680 euros.

On the other hand, a Frenchman who took part in an illegal car race had to exceed the speed limit by 200 km /h for a year in prison. h passed and put his ride on network. And then there is the top speed racer who was caught too quickly with his Bentley Continental GT with more than 200 things, filmed himself and also claimed in court that he had not driven.


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