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The ugliest Jaguar E-Type in the world - with a V8 rear engine

Peter Harris /ebay
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His name is Peter Harris, comes from Carson City in Nevada, USA, and has worked for over 40 A great love for years: converting cars. The problem with love: it is known to make you blind. Recognizable by the E bay ad that could turn the stomach of one or the other originality fetishist. Harris, on the other hand, does not want to part with the unique item on offer. But at his age it is difficult to get on and off again. And he also has “too many cars”, as he writes.

According to the vehicle identification number (VIN) J681E34971, a left-hand drive Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Coupé in Bright Red from 1968 is for sale ( referred to as XK-E in the USA). The engine number is 7E15283-9, the body number 4E26732 and the gearbox number EE1861. So much for the numbers, which in this case are certainly not matching numbers according to classic standards. What can be seen in the pictures of the advertisement seems to have rolled straight out of Frankenstein's laboratory.

In addition to the original 2 + 2 Coupé from Jaguar, the vehicle - only viewed from the outside - contains a Cadillac from 1974, a Chevi from 1990, a Viper from Dodge (at least in terms of color), a Ford Taurus from 2004 and a Datsun 240Z. But first things first.

Peter Harris /ebay
A 5.7-liter V8 now sits enthroned in the rear.

Frankensteins Car with 8.2 liter V8

Peter Harris got the basic Jaguar over 30 years ago from a friend after he had had an accident with it. A little while later, Harris removed the roof and packedinstead of the legendary straight-six, a 5.0 liter Ford V8 under the bonnet. Bad, but without any findings from the outside. For eight years he drove the still cautiously remodeled Jaguar through the country until the gearbox stopped working. What then followed is the beginning of a confusing horror story, the plot of which also includes a difficult-to-explain pan to a rear-mounted engine.

Before repairing the Jaguar, Harris remembered a converted 1971 Oldsmobil 442 with a 7.5 liter large V8 engine in the rear, which he enjoyed immensely, and pulled the wrecked Jaguar back into the garage. A short time later, the rear of the British was replaced by that of a front-wheel drive Cadillac from 1974, from which an 8.2 liter V8 from a Cadillac Eldorado emerged. The almost 400 hp monster became too much for Peter Harris after two years. So he installed a 'only' 5.7 liter Chevy V8 from 1990.

Peter Harris /ebay
The seats come from a Datsun 240Z.

The headlights come from a Ford Taurus from 2004, the instruments come from Dolphin Gauges & Instruments and the seats are taken from a Datsun 240Z .

Everything made of metal, no roof - but nice and red for that

It is important for the hobbyist Harris that all his conversions are made of metal and without fiberglass. On the current ebay car, even the extremely widened fenders are made of sheet metal. According to Peter Harris, a removable hood was planned, but it never came to be implemented. That would have been a modification that more people might have understood.


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