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The streets of ... Miami: This is where people plopping instead of spilling

The streets of Miami
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A ls Mercedes-Benz at the Detroit Motor Show presented the study of a four-door luxury convertible, its name said it all: Ocean Drive. There is hardly any other street in the world where sports cars, luxury cars and swanky vans are displayed in such an imposing and intrusive way. Those who stay in the brightly whitewashed Art Deco hotels like Victor or Pelican in South Beach, have a Caesars Salad in the News Café or the Tides, like to let their luxury car speak for themselves in front of the door.

The complete luxury range is represented

A ten-minute walk between 5th and 12th avenue shows the current luxury range from BMW, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley and Lamborghini. You like to show what you have and the not only sun-hungry audience thanks you with visual applause. A silver Audi Cabriolet is parked here and a black Golf R32 is parked in front of it. It can also be a size smaller. After all, his front license plate with the German signature WOB - V 877 is attracting the attention of German tourists.

Exiled Cuban Joe has been a valet parker in front of Casa Grande for almost ten years. He is currently packing the luggage of two tourists into a silver Mercedes S 550. His colleague is picking up a dark Range Rover from the nearby assembly car park. “We have two types of guests,” says Pablo, “on the one hand, regular guests who like to let us park their expensive cars. And then there are the tourists who like to eat with us because they have a view of the beach, the beauties, but also the sports cars. ”Without a car, you don't even have to try to make an impression in a restaurant. Luxury watches, Hermes belts or designer fumbling are hardly enough for both sexes to make enough impression.

Tuners have a lot to do in Miami Beach

“You'll never get a second chance to make a first impression” is the slogan that applies not only to SoBe's nightlife. The tuners in Miami Beach are also booming. A small increase in performance is rarely enough. Special leather, LED screens or rims as big as washing machine drums are welcome. A 24-inch Suburban is just as rare here as a specially converted Camaro, which not only scares you with the polished wheelset.

There is already a lot going on during the day on Ocean Drive, the most famous streetfrom Miami Beach. But after sunset it gets turbulent. The narrow street right on the beach is overcrowded, both on weekdays and on weekends. The delicate pastel lights of the Art Deco hotels shimmer gently and exude a very special charm. There is hardly a car that doesn't come towards you with powerful xenon headlights or LED lights in the front apron. Due to the lax guidelines, many have four or even six of them.

You have to stand out in Miami Beach

The Hummer H2, the one shortly after midnight from the Collins Avenue turns off towards Ocean Drive Boulevard, bathing the surrounding world in a glistening light and not only reaping evil looks. If you were to add up the purchase prices of the vehicles that are currently on the mile, you would be in the hundred million - regardless of the currency. With a Rolls Royce Phantom a certain amount of attention is certain in front of the Cardozo and the orange-colored Lamborghini Murcielago already earns applause with its deafening sound. After the visibly more powerful G-Class, the snow-white Mercedes SL or a dark blue Corvette, no one turns around here in the former world of Miami Vice. Where there is boasting, some fall out of place. With a pitifully tuned Honda CRX or a vilified Ford Crown Victoria there is no state to be made on the neighboring Washington Avenue.

There is already the attention for the bearded Hemingway blend with his 30 year old VW Bully greater. The T1 bus, which is popular in the USA at the moment, with its faded red paint and white roof, scoffs and spits when it starts. Many pleasure addicts look down on the floor, almost ashamed, when the gray-haired street vendor parks to sell his stuff. But a few seconds of attention was certain. The driver of the gray Range Rover in front of the Colony Hotel would have been happy about that. But neither do their polished rims fall on their own, refurbished exterior. Together with her friend, she still has big plans today. Your neckline falls towards the navel. Ocean Drive is one thing in particular: a dream factory.


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