The prices for Ford S-Max and Galaxy

The prices for Ford S-Max and Galaxy
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At the Galaxy ( the he Ford Galaxy in the driving report ), the 145 PS two-liter petrol engine is the base model. As a flexifuel variant, the petrol engine costs from 30,250 euros. The 203 hp top model of the Galaxy costs from 36,600 euros.

The Ford S-Max top model costs 32,350 euros

The cheapest Diesel in the Ford Galaxy , the 115 hp two-liter TDCi, costs from 31,800 euros. The 140 hp version of the diesel is in the price list for at least 33,050 euros. The most powerful diesel with 163 hp costs from 34,050 euros.

The entry-level model in the Ford S-Max series is the 145 hp two-liter petrol engine for 28,300 euros, which is available in the flexifuel design from 28,550 euros. The 203 hp turbo gasoline engine costs at least 34,400 euros in the S-Max. The diesel range in the S-Max also starts with the 115 hp diesel engine at prices from 30,100 euros. The 140 hp variant has to be paid for at least 31,350 euros, the 163 hp top model for 32,350 euros.


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