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F erry Porsche is lucky to be born into a car family. His nursery are the workshops in which his father Ferdinand supervises, his coloring books are technical construction drawings.

Test driver in the Austro-Daimler racing car at the age of twelve

At the age of ten, he drives his own car through Wiener Neustadt; with a 6 HP two-cylinder engine, two-speed gearbox and speeds of up to 60 km /h - a gift from his father. The profession was therefore determined at an early stage, because he was allowed to test his father's designs; at the age of twelve he drove 'Sascha', the Austro-Daimler racing car that won the Targa-Florio. After completing secondary school, he does a one-year internship at Bosch and then receives private instruction in automotive technology for another year.

With the establishment of 'Dr. Ing.h.c. F. Porsche GmbH - Design and Consulting for Engine and Vehicle Construction' in 1931, the Filius took on more and more responsible tasks. From 1932 he coordinated the designers and kept customer contact, in 1934 he was in charge of the Volkswagen test drives. Shortly afterwards, his father appointed him deputy head of the overall operation. In the same year work begins on the Volkswagen, which is to be sold for 990 marks. Under the swastika, Ferry Porsche develops military equipment such as swimming cars and KdF off-road vehicles. After moving to Gmünd in Austria, the end of the war and his father's imprisonment, Ferry Porsche went from a pure design office to a vehicle manufacturer with its own production.

The first real Porsche becomes a sports car icon

In 1948, the 356 is the first real Porsche. With him, Ferry Porsche founded the myth of the sports car manufacturer. After the death of his father Ferdinand Porsche, Ferry now directs the fortunes of the Porsche company as sole managing director. Thanks to financial security through a license agreement with Volkswagen and the good sales figures, Porsche is establishing itself as a successful division manufacturer. With the 911 drawn by his son Ferdinand Alexander, Porsche set out to soar in the 1970s - the 911 became the handle of everyday sports cars around the world. With other models such as the mid-engine sports car VW-Porsche 914 and the front-engine models with four-cylinder (924 and 944) and the 928 with V8 engine, Porsche developed into a large-scale manufacturer.

Remains from 1972 to 1990Ferry Porsche Chairman of the Supervisory Board. At the beginning of the 1990s he had to experience the time of the impending decline of his company. However, this was followed by another high phase under Wendelin Wiedeking. Back to its roots as a designer, it went back again in 1996, when the mid-engine boxster appeared as a new series. Two years later, Ferry Porsche dies in Zell am See - as the holder of several academic honorary degrees, from honorary doctorates to the title of professor and Senator E.h. of the University of Stuttgart.


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