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The most popular company cars: which company car is the best for you?

Hans-Dieter Seufert
The most popular company cars
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Company cars are gladly accepted. However, from a tax point of view, private use is not entirely free for employees. To give you an impression of the expected costs, a uto motor und sport together with the statistics experts from meinauto.de shows the 30 most popular Company cars in Germany.

Company cars should match economic success

Very expensive premium cars do not make it into the hit list, they are problematic - not only because of the high costs. The tax office can refuse them if the car does not match the company's economic success. E-cars also play no role, even if something has changed in terms of costs. In order to promote e-mobility, the state is reducing the tax list price by 400 euros per kWh of battery capacity this year. In the case of the VW e-Golf, this means that instead of 34,900 euros, only 25,900 euros are set - a well-intentioned step, but one that has so far been of little use. The photo series shows what German company car drivers prefer.

As an example, we name a recommended engine for each model and the relevant strengths and weaknesses of the respective vehicle. However, a suitable engine is not everything; the limited list price must also include the special equipment. Since comfort equipment such as air conditioning is often already on board anyway, a hands-free telephone system should not be missing, especially in company cars. Long-distance drivers enjoy ergonomic seats and cruise control, which can protect against involuntary portraits on the motorway, especially when making business phone calls, especially with a distance control function. A recommendation at the end: the safety packages with emergency braking and lane keeping assistants available from the compact class onwards.

Important facts about the company car market

The company car remains the most popular incentive in the workplace . As before, most vehicle users are in middle and upper management.

Women generally order cheaper company cars: while female executives choose cars for around 39,000 euros, the sum for male superiors is about 48,000 euros. The ratio is similar for skilled workers.

The sales department is most often on the road with company cars - more than the management,Branch or operational management. While a maximum of 66 percent use a company car at the highest management level, it is common for 68 percent of all sales employees, including in particular the sales managers (76 percent).

In addition to sales specialists , it is above all driving Specialists from the fields of technology, IT and human resources have a company car. Although company cars are rarely used in finance, one can find vehicles of above-average value here. This is particularly evident at banks: This is where the most expensive company cars are driven - closely followed by the automotive industry and legal advisors.

Company car users are increasingly in postcode regions 4 (NRW /Ruhr area), 6 (Hessen /Frankfurt a. M.) and 7 (Baden-W├╝rttemberg) and hardly in zip code area 1 (Berlin /Brandenburg). They are typically male and, above average, often active in industrial sectors such as construction, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and durables or medical technology.

VW, Audi and BMW remain the brand favorites with company car users, with the brand VW is favored by employees from technology, production and sales, while employees from marketing and finance prefer the Audi brand.


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