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The most popular car colors of 2018 - and what they cost

These colors are what car buyers want
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D he car color white has seen a continuous and large increase since 2003. The proportion of the color white in new registrations rose from 2.4 percent to 20.9 percent in 15 years, according to the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), which based on current data from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) all car Evaluated new registrations in Germany until November 2018. According to the VDA, around three quarters of new cars are delivered in gray /silver, black and white. By the way, this has been the case for ten years. The manufacturers' policy of surcharges is not new either: there is often only one color free of charge. The fashion search engine Lyst has evaluated the distribution and costs of the most popular car colors.

Golf and Mini: only in gray at no extra charge

Gray and free of charge: Golf in standard paintwork.

VW only delivers the Golf free of charge in one color of: uranium gray. Solid colors such as candy white and tornado red cost an extra 230 euros each. Mini charges at least 500 euros for colors other than gray. In the fashion sector, gray is currently less in demand; according to Lyst, searches for gray clothing fell by 15 percent in the 2018/19 season. Skoda paints the Octavia in blue without additional payment. For other colors, the VW group brand requires between 230 and 850 euros. The color white is trendy in fashion: the fashion search engine recorded a 30 percent increase for this color. If you want this color on your car, you get cheap at Audi and Mercedes: Ibis white (A4) and polar white (C-Class) do not cost anything extra. For this, Mercedes really goes for it when it should be red: The deeply shimmering hyacinth red metallic costs a full 1,356.60 euros extra as a Designo color.

The influence of the color on the residual value

Rossen Gargolov
The proportion of blue increases slightly.

And what about the real colors? The color blue has increased slightly since the beginning of the decade; in 2018 it was 10.5 percent. The proportion of blue new cars continues to grow. However, in 1998 the color was 24.9 percent (1998, at the time 1st place), after which the proportion initially fell continuously. Now blue seems to be getting bigger again. Blue is associated with sympathy, harmony and friendliness, it is also considered the color of distance and vastness. The color red follows in fifth place with 7.2 percent (2017: 6.7 percent) - growth can also be seen here.

The other colors hardly play a role for new car buyers: brown comes to 2 percent . At the beginning of the decade, the color was briefly in trend at up to 7 percent. Yellow, orange and green yellow each came to one percent in 2018.


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