The most expensive cars of the brands

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
The most expensive of the brands
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F at the very bottom: The cheapest expensive new car in Germany is - no, not a Dacia - but a Lada. With 11,990 euros, the Lada Urban crowns the model range of the Russians and is at the end of the top. But what about both German car manufacturers. Mercedes, German premium brand, the Maybach has to be right at the front. Not even close. Neither a Maybach nor an S-Class has the thickest price tag - the Stuttgart-based company also calls the oldest model in the range at the same time. It's a Mercedes G, ok, it's the G65 with the 630 hp V12 engine under the hood.

The most expensive VW is a commercial vehicle

Anyone looking for the most expensive model in the price lists of the sports car manufacturer Porsche will not end up with an exclusive 911 model, but with ... Panamera Exclusive Series. If you double its price, you end up with the most expensive Rolls-Royce. For its price, you could, for example, order ten copies of the Espace dCi 160 EDC Initiale Paris from Renault.

If you are looking for the highest price at Toyota, you don't need to look for the Landcruiser series, but should look for a brochure for the Take a look at the Mirai fuel cell model. The high-tech mobile wants to be paid for with almost 80,000 euros. The most expensive model from the VW range is almost at the same level. The Phaeton is no longer being built and is out of the price competition. Sure, it will be the Touareg. No, it comes from the commercial vehicle division and is nicknamed California.

You can find the most expensive models in Germany of all brands in the photo show.


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