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The Land Rover Defender md4 Desert in the super test

Matzker Land Rover Defender md4 in the super test
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E r only looks harmless from the outside: Because the Matzker Defender md4 Desert is a better Landy in all respects. In 2007 the Defender Td4 celebrated its premiere, which heralded a new era for the classic Land Rover with the engine and transmission from the Ford Transit and a revised interior. There is hardly any need to explain the history of this car. After all, Land Rover is one of the longest-serving off-road vehicle builders and has saved the basic shape of its original model into modern times. Even those who have nothing to do with all-wheel drive vehicles can accurately distinguish a Land Rover Defender from a Mitsubishi Pajero or Toyota Land Cruiser.

Matzker Defender with wider track and larger tires

However, Maurice Cary Ferdinand Wilks, who in 1947 created the first prototype of the later Land Rover series 1 screwed together, probably rubbing your eyes in amazement in view of today's Defender. Because compared to the 3.35 meter long baby from 62 years ago, his descendant stands like a castle in front of the viewer today. It looks a little more powerful with this time's Supertest candidate. Because Matzker's md4 Desert (see also the article 'Made in Germany' comes with a wider track and larger tires - the proportions are always right. But the technology is much more exciting than the burly appearance. Because Matzker has reached out to everything, the md4 Desert brought to a high level with special chassis, automatic locks, underride protection and increased performance.

And that calls for being tough in our super test. In terms of price, the Desert is in a league with the Mercedes G, because it has additional technology installed for a total of 29,855 euros! This investment - which should be expressly emphasized - serves only to further improve the undeniably high off-road capability of the series Defender - the counterpart to the Wrangler Rubicon from Jeep . We were therefore excited about the result: Can the Defender md4 Desert reach the top of our test rating?


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