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The Isuzu D-Max Sports Truck in the driving report

Isuzu D-Max Sports Truck driving report
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K rawattenbubis and patent shoe wearers, don't charge sin on yours narrow shoulders. Leave your neatly manicured fingers off this car - the D-Max Sports Truck itself is freshly washed and not a show pickip ironed on a crease, but a dirty rough leg!

Isuzu D-Max Sports Truck is unique. At least

Neither innocent white sheet metal nor shiny black 16-inch aluminum can cover up what the professionally pimped Isuzu likes to do best: dig until the modder oozes fat over both axes. Stop! Before fans of 4wheelers brought up in a species-appropriate manner immediately cancel their home loan and savings contracts or take out mortgages on the property garages: Unfortunately, this car is a one-off. At least for now. Only when the prototype put on wheels at 4x4 specialist Road Ranger receives the blessing of the German Isuzu importer, nothing stands in the way of an epidemic-like infiltration of the pick-up scene by the macho truck. Regardless of whether Isuzu offers a conversion kit 'ex works' or instead the order telephones at Road Ranger run hot.

The body was raised eight centimeters with the bodylift

Enough roses, the Sports Truck would crush them anyway. What makes him so different, so desirable? First of all, there is the body, which has been raised eight centimeters using the body lift. A total of 14 spacer bushes made of high-strength aluminum keep the desired distance between the ladder frame and the superstructure. The chassis is also no longer the old one: six-layer leaf springs plus spacer shackles are now used below deck, as are stronger torsion bars and Old Man Emu dampers that are tighter in rebound and compression. And not to forget the link to the piste, the somewhat larger Yokohama Geolandar M /T skins in the LT 235/85 R 16 format. Don't worry, a speedometer adjustment is not yet necessary.

The rough profile of the Yokos, however, offers slugs and other worms a real fifty-fifty chance to survive if they are run over. All in all, the Sports Truck towers over the standard D-Max by 15 centimeters at the front and 16 centimeters at the rear. So be careful when locking yourself up in someone else's underground car park in the evening - also because of Hella's sparklers on the roof. Less tall pilots also have to jump well to board the four-door Doka. At the top, however, there is a grin on their faces: Pah, the other cars are small.Off-road, the secret of what's behind the next hill is revealed half a car length earlier. And: Despite the higher center of gravity, the load is quieter on the slope than with the standard chassis - please!

The power has been increased to 185 hp

Yes, that But that's not all: So that the Sports Truck doesn't drown somewhere out of sheer exuberance, Road Ranger implants an electric warning winch type CE-M 8000 for self-rescue at the front and rear. A rope length of 30 meters and a pulling force of 3.6 tons should be enough to free the cart from pretty much any predicament. We believe it - without having put it to the test ourselves in the pouring rain. At least as useful: the massive underbody fenders made of three millimeter thick steel on the front axle, main and transfer case and fuel pump. Better to scratch their black plastic coating than pop your stomach! Terrain professionals even glide over not too rugged ridges like on a sled. The switchable all-wheel drive remains technically untouched.

The Sports Truck is based on the D-Max 3.0 D Double Cab Custom Automatic (from 30,240 euros); its three-liter diesel got a little more bang: The ISP-Enginetronic released by Isuzu for retrofitting increases power and torque moderately, 185 instead of 163 hp and 360 instead of 333 Newton meters of torque are the result. Boys with ties and patent leather shoes who are overtaken by the sports truck might find something different but more remarkable: In the style of various trophy trucks, which will soon be rummaging through at the Baja 300 Powerdays in Lausitz, the Isuzu also lacks a fixed flap on the bed.

Instead, the black Airgate rear net provides a clear view of the dust-proof aluminum transport boxes that are lashed onto special retrofitted rails. They are framed by two spare wheels on the left and right, and welded wheel crosses act as screw toggles for fixing - that is also a clever idea!


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