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The hottest hot rods from $ 25,000 at US car auction

Darin Schnabel © 2015 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's
Custom car auction by RM Auctions
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P aul and Chris Andrews are real petrol heads, the two of them have put together a highly regarded collection of American classics in the last few decades - but now it's over: 'We want to reduce our collection by 78 cars,' says Paul Andrews.

A hot rod like a song by Neil Young

According to their estimates, the prices for the unique hot rods, which are elaborately handcrafted, are sometimes at a low level - already at 25,000 Dollars start the estimates. For example for the Ford Pickup Custom 'Loose Change', which Chris Andrews had built according to his ideas. It's his first, by the way.

Named after the song by Neil Young - who is also known to be crazy when it comes to cars - Andrews realized his dream hot rod based on a 1932 Ford chassis more than 10 years ago . The car is powered by a 400 cui V8 from Chevrolet, which transmits its around 400 hp to a Tremec five-speed gearbox.

Andrews changed almost nothing on the body of the barn find, only the filigree 'pinstriping' - the golden line - sets accents.

100 year old basis for Best of Show series winners

One of the highlights of the auction is 'Trojan', a hot rod based on an almost 100 Year old Ford Model T. The car seems to have sprung straight from the TV series 'The Munsters', only the green color with the flame decals does not quite match the morbid charm of Herman and Co.

The car was originally built in the early 1960s and was built under the direction of a legend of the hot rod scene: Harry Markiecki. In the 1960s, the pioneer won 18 prizes in 7 shows with his Trojan, including 6 'Best of Show' trophies.

From 2006 onwards, the hot rod was completely stripped and again for 'Flying A Garage' built up. Since then he has been in a concours state. After the restoration, the 'Trojan' was the title hero of several US magazines. Now it is offered with an estimate of 70,000 to 90,000 dollars.

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The car that Buick gave itself as a gift

Lot number 230 is another unique item up for auction, the Buick Blackhawk from the Year 2000. The Buick managers thought about what gift to celebrate the brand's 100th birthday - and they had the Blackhawk built, which would use the 'best Buick components from 100 years'.

The elongated roadster with a wheelbase of 3.27 m has numerous references to historical models from the brand's history, such as the radiator grille, which is reminiscent of the 'Y-Job', the first concept car in automotive history. The engineers from 'Advanced Automotive of Technologies' chose a 1970 GS-V8 of the third expansion stage with an output of 463 hp.

Paul and Chris Andrews bought the anniversary concept car directly from the GM Heritage Collection and showed it at the Amelia Island Concours in 2009.

But this unique car has also been banned from the exclusive collection - the 300,000 to 450,000 dollars that RM Auctions quoted as an estimate are at best a consolation. Which brings us back to the question of which '15 to 20 driving machines' the Andrews will keep ...

We show some hotrods, showcars ​​and racing cars from the auction in our photo show.


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