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Honda CR-Z
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S Portability and environmentally friendly consumption and emissions have always been mutually exclusive. The two did not seem to be compatible. Opposites couldn't be greater. Let's be honest, anyone who has heard of Hybrid so far only had one association: boredom. With the new CR-Z that changes. It combines opposites to create a new dimension of driving experience.

The CR-Z is an uncompromising sports coupé. A dynamic wedge with the hood pulled down low. Stringy lines accompany the side view. The front shows large air inlets, the LED daytime running lights give the car an unmistakable look. He can be recognized as an athlete from every perspective.

The virtues of the CR-Z: dynamism, agility, driving pleasure. The hybrid drive provides a power delivery that otherwise only significantly larger engines can achieve. It is the first and only hybrid vehicle ever to have a 6-speed manual transmission. The driver is connected to the engine as directly as possible. Thanks to the 3-stage driving dynamics control, he effortlessly masters all keys from tame to wild. The driver decides for himself how efficiently, how sporty he wants to be on the road. Glide as sparingly as possible through the morning rush hour or agile on winding country roads.

With it you are always well equipped for the big appearances in front of trendy bars and cafés. Or simply for strolling along the boulevards of the big cities.

In summary: The CR-Z is a vehicle that does not forget the environment, but driving fun is clearly in the foreground.

The hybrid has arrived in the sports car world. With 6-speed manual transmission and 3 driving profiles. Normal mode offers the perfect balance between performance and consumption. The full performance potential unfolds in sport mode. In ECON mode, the system switches to maximum efficiency. No matter how you are traveling, emotion and efficiency go well together in the new CR-Z. Because it connects them through intense driving pleasure. The new CR-Z. From € 21,990 including VAT. Recommended retail price from Honda Deutschland GmbH. More on .

Fuel consumption in l /100 km: urban 6.1; extra-urban 4.4; combined 5.0. CO2 emissions in g /km: 117. (All values ​​measured according to 1999/100 /EC.)


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