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The fascination of mega mobile homes: the largest luxury villas on wheels

Fascination of mega mobile homes
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M it is the original camping idea that motorhomes have from the Monaco Coach Corporation hardly has anything in common. 'This is our top model,' says head salesman Eric Island as he approaches the golden 17 ton truck, 'the Signature Series is currently the best we have at Monaco. This one is around 16 meters long and offers every imaginable luxury . '

Open the door from the bed

With a standard European motorhome, you need the movable single-family houses from the USA cannot even be compared. Even the European top guard of a Clou Liner looks extremely puny next to models like a Navigator or a Signature.

Double tires, tandem axles and four retractable elements mean that the largest motorhomes on the US market must stop at a bus parking lot. As soon as you get in, the viewer notices that something is completely different here. An electronic combination lock is located to the left of the entrance door. The bell directly below. 'In the interior, lying in bed, you can see via the cameras who is standing in front of the door and open it,' reports Iceland, 'the step then extends electrically and the guest can enter.'

Air conditioning, tiled floors and roof heating

How poor does the proud owner of an Elba caravan with a parking space not far from the border triangle have to feel at such a sight? But inside the Monaco Motorhome it gets worse. The floor of the Signature series is lined with real tiles. There are several air conditioning systems, underfloor and roof heating to ensure a pleasant interior atmosphere.

The cherry wood interior costs another $ 5,800 extra in the price list. The basic Monaco Signature Series Cambridge IV motorhome starts at around $ 650,000. At the push of a button, the interior enlarges to what feels like 100 square meters; In reality, the living room already has around 30. For this purpose, two large elements slide out of the interior one after the other on each side. As if it wasn't already big enough, it becomes downright indecently opulent after driving out. Just a reminder: you are traveling in a mobile home. The soft club armchairs, of course fully electrically adjustable and air-conditioned for the driver and front passenger, are nothing more than decorative accessories.

Fitted kitchen fromFinest

In a medium-sized household, the lovely kitchen would make the mistress of the house dry. The refrigerator is as tall as a man, with two huge doors and a built-in ice cube dispenser. Dishwasher, four-burner stove and a microwave with grill are a matter of course for the Cambridge IV model on display.

Large-screen flat-screen TV, DVD and satellite system

Hangs on the back wall of the living room 42-inch screen as one of three large screens inside the luxury liner, all of which are linked to a DVD entertainment system and satellite system. The leather sofa is cuddly soft and the color of the numerous built-in cupboards shows that US customers in this league like things a little more rustic. 'Most of them are around 55 years old. But from year to year the clientele is getting younger,' says Eric Island, 'of course all cupboards and fixtures are made of real, solid wood.'

Fuel tank holds 600 liters

To keep everything running, the large motorhomes have six batteries and their own generator. The fuel tank in the underbody holds almost 600 liters. In addition, a mobile home of this size has around 400 liters of fresh water. There are several drawers in the underbody right next to the tanks. The mobile basement holds bulky goods and items that should not be transported inside or on the roof. One room further behind it becomes anything but more reserved. The colorfully decorated double bed would also look good in a generously dimensioned home. Naturally with numerous shelves all around, real cupboards and the obligatory large screen for those quiet hours for two.

A small screen on one of the bedside cabinets shows who is sneaking around the mobile accommodation at night. Of course, the whole thing is coupled with an alarm system. The normally 45-foot-long Signature Series from Monaco offers another room behind the bedchamber. The bathroom is known to be the calling card of every apartment and this one is impressive. Large corner shower in the style of the Hotel Palazzo, located not far from the sales room, toilet, wash basin, washing machine and dryer make first-time visitors doubt the furnishings of their own apartment. The all-clear only when the rear wall of the mobile home finally follows behind the bathroom and the attached cloakroom. All three rooms are an orgy made of wood and decorations that do not have to hide from Gelsenkirchen Baroque. If you want, you can also get the interior more modern. A little further stands the basic model of the large series.

Monaco motorhomes start at $ 350,000

'A Monaco Camelot starts here for around $ 350,000,' says Eric Island, but admits that the financial crisis is affecting the industry as wellof the luxury cars are a major problem. 'There are currently a lot of used motorhomes on the market. But here in Las Vegas we usually sell ten to twelve vehicles a month from the top model alone. It works best.'

Up to 650 HP are possible

The large models are powered by Cummins diesel engines. The small models range from 300 to 400 hp. The larger make 500. For a mighty 22,000 dollars extra, the engine in the rear also makes 650 hp. A trip to the Rocky Mountains in the 15-ton vehicle is no problem. An SUV usually rolls along at the rear.

'Yes, we have already heard that the large motorhomes in Europe have a car in the back or an integrated garage,' says the head salesman, 'but of course an SUV would not fit in. That is why it is towed with a harness just behind. ' This means that long-term holidaymakers are mobile even if their own motorhome stops at one of the numerous RV parks. Many travel to the beautiful weather and roam the southern states as 'Silverbirds' for at least six months. Here you live in the parks for 75 to 150 dollars per day. The campsites of the other type have fences, outdoor swimming pools, tennis and golf courses and brick barbecue stations on the individual parking spaces. 'Some spend their vacation in the mobile homes and travel through the USA or Canada,' says Eric Island, 'but many also live in the vehicles and live in special areas.'

Jackie Chan had his Monaco shipped to Hong Kong

Not far from the Monaco headquarters on Dean Martin Drive in the southwest of Las Vegas is such a park. However, only a third of the almost 400 parking spaces are currently occupied. One of the most unusual customers Eric Island had to deal with was action actor Jackie Chan: 'He bought a large model here and had it shipped directly to Hong Kong. That alone cost $ 50,000. I don't know if there there is enough space for such a mobile home. ' The construction time of a Monaco model of the large Signature series is at least eight weeks. The mobile home is set up on an aluminum frame on a bus chassis. Most customers buy a model from the showroom and have some modifications done. One-offs, however, are extremely rare. But hardly anyone in this league is satisfied with the basic package. If you order the complete equipment with a large diesel, washing machine, dryer, fine wood inlays and tire pressure monitoring system, the price tag of a Monaco Signature is just under $ 750,000.

Luxury liners from Europe

They are at a similar price levelOffers from European luxury motorhome manufacturers. Manufacturers such as Volkner or Vario Mobil also rely on bus chassis. Almost 12 meters long, these luxury liners house an integrated garage that can accommodate models from Smart Fortwo to Mercedes SLK. In terms of equipment, the European luxury motorhomes are in no way inferior to the American models. Granite floors with underfloor heating, own power generators, solar systems, multimedia installations, fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms - in this country too, the price list offers almost everything that solvent customers could want.


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