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The eco-cars at the Geneva Motor Show: These are the eco-cars at the Geneva Motor Show

Sebastian Viehmann
Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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Overall, the automobile manufacturers present on the 8 0. Geneva Motor Show around 60 vehicles with alternative drives. These include both concept vehicles and near-series models.

Test drives for trade fair visitors

In addition to the environmental cars exhibited at the manufacturers' stands the Geneva Salon in the former Hall 3 offers the so-called 'Pavillon Vert'. There, visitors can get up close and personal with concept studies and new technologies that point the way to the mobility of the future. In the entrance area of ​​the 'Pavillion Vert' there are several models from different manufacturers, from hydrogen drives to hybrid vehicles to all-electric cars. The best: if you want, you can register for a test drive with Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Lampo1, Opel HydroGen4 or Chevrolet Volt -article-text-link href='https://topgear-autoguide.com/marken-modelle/opel/'> Opel s fuel cell vehicle HydroGen4 and a hybrid vehicle from Kia with electric motor and liquid gas injection. In addition, the Croatian company Dok-Ing is showing its design for an electric car for the city, i-Volt is presenting the Tazzari-Zero and racing fans can look forward to the GreenGT electric racing vehicle from ITU. Several engineering schools will also present their projects. Among other things, the engineering school of the canton of Vaud, together with Swiss Engineering and Romandie Energie, is showing the 'ICare' project - a vehicle that can be operated with wind, solar and muscle power and should therefore get by without CO2 emissions. p>

In our photo show we give you a complete overview of all green cars and eco-studies at the Geneva Motor Show 2010.


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