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The e-bikes of the car manufacturers: plug-in hybrids with two wheels

E-bikes from car manufacturers
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I n the accessories departments of the car dealerships of various brands have been parking bicycles next to the shelves with textiles and fan articles for a long time name='smart'> More and more car manufacturers are also offering e-bikes. The Daimler subsidiary Smart is a pioneer here. In 2012, the smart e-bike was presented as an alternative to the car and offered through the brand's dealers for 2,849 euros. Today you could make waves with it as a solution for the last mile. But Smart currently no longer offers its bike with an electric motor.

BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike

The strategy remains to retain drivers and fans of the brand in their free time. For example, in 2017 BMW presented the Active Hybrid E-Bike, which takes up the former model name of the electrified car models, but is not sold by the sub-brand BMWi.

The 504 Wh battery is supposed to provide a range of 100 Kilometers with electric assistance, which the electric motor provides with a maximum output of 250 watts and 90 Newton meters of torque to the driver's legs. The price of 3,400 euros corresponds to comparable e-bike offers in specialist bicycle shops.

An electrified Subaru with rear-wheel drive

Subaru also wants to put its customers on the saddle of a new e-bike. The importer is also offering its new mountain bike model as an e-bike called the MTB E1. At 2,549 euros it is well below the BMW range. The Subaru bike without an electric motor costs 999 euros.

The lithium-ion battery with 418 Wh storage capacity is screwed onto the frame of the new Subaru e-bike, and the electric motor is located on the pedals. This is not the importer's first electrified two-wheeler model, the previous e-bike models will continue to be offered.

Skoda has a bicycle tradition

Of course, the Skoda brand can also play a leading role in the bicycle range. The Czech Volkswagen subsidiary has been a more important supplier and sponsor for many yearsCycling events such as the Tour de France. They call themselves the “motor of cycling.” In addition, today's Skoda brand emerged from the Laurin & Klement bicycle factory.

In addition to purely muscle-powered bikes and a large selection of sportswear and cycling accessories, there is also a Skoda brand E-bike.

All bikes support the rider with the electric motor up to a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. This is what the legislature provides. Because at higher speeds, which can be achieved by an additional motor, there is a compulsory insurance with license plate and the obligation to wear a helmet. But it should voluntarily be put on the head of every cyclist, whether with or without a battery in the frame.


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