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The Dodge Ram 5.7 Crew Cab Laramie in the test

Dodge Ram 5.7 Crew Cab Laramie in the test
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Just for information: What is there so delicately in the wheel arches and just dissolving in smoke on the rear axle are fat 275/60 ​​R 20 rubbers. That broadens the view for the dimensions of this truck. Others should be cute, the R am is an animal. Nothing about it is even in the beginning filigree, it starts with the huge door handles and does not end with the king-size cup holders. Half the weekend shopping fits into its center console, and a Smart can be parked on the loading area - if it came up. Sit down. Look around. Pause.

The Dodge Ram with 5.7 V8 Hemi

Anyone who has just stepped out of a VW Tiguan - certainly not a small car - feels at first a little lost in the vastness of the room. It's a story from another world: The Ram - in our case correctly spelled out the Dodge Ram 4x4 K1500 Crew Cab Short Box Laramie 5.7 V8 Hemi - in any case offers a lot of cubic meters, kilos and horsepower for the money invested. Importer Büsching supplies the Ram 5.7 for 33,500 euros, elsewhere there are not even half as many cars for it.

The Chrysler V8 easily achieves 20l of gas /100km

The tested crew cab (this is the largest four-door cabin, premiere for the Ram) in the extremely feudal Laramie full equipment comes to 41,000 euros. But you shouldn't leave it at that and pick up another 3,400 euros. In return, Büsching installs a LPG system and straps two gas tanks with a total of 150 liters under the Dodge - if they are big, then right. With LPG, the liter for 69 cents, the consumption costs also fall under the chapter: 'Oops, so cheap?'

When it comes to the thirst of the Chrysler V8, which is dealing here with 2,615 kilos of heavy metal, one shouldn't hope - less than 16 liters is not possible, more than 20 easily. If the test consumption is the guideline, you can get around 700 kilometers with LPG for 100 euros - at least.

150 km /h means 2,200 revolutions for the eight-cylinder

Real drinking orgies are not necessary anyway, because Hemi is only left off the chain for a moment at the end of the village. Or at the motorway entrance. Just to feel it go up 8.4 secondsFeel a speed of 100 when you are in a cargo ship two floors above the asphalt. The rest of your life can be sent to the V8 to grumble. Cruise control on the motorway at a leisurely 150 km /h means 2,200 revolutions for the eight-cylinder. This is how it can be lived and consumption remains just below the shame line. You could actually move into the Crew Cab right away, and not just from where you sit.

The biggest aha experience lurks on the rear axle

The equipment also invites you to do so one - well-made leather, courtesies up to steering wheel heating and two fixed cool boxes in the rear footwell. Only the radio programmed on American frequencies is annoying with poor reception, but it sounds excellent. The biggest aha experience lurks on the rear axle: The Ram is the first full-size pick-up that comes with coil springs at the rear. Because of the enormous wheelbase and the set-up geared towards high loads, it will not turn into a magic carpet, but it will become an excellent touring car without the bone-breaking qualities that are typical of pick-ups. At most, a slight bobbing on long bumps could be criticized if the Ram were a normal car.

In terms of all-wheel drive technology, the Ram is blessed with contemporary technology

But it is not. Finally, he can stow six men in the cabin and transport the equipment for their extended fishing excursion on the almost square short box loading area (the long box is two meters in length). Usually you would take two cars for this job. In terms of all-wheel drive technology, the Ram is blessed with contemporary technology: automatic on-demand all-wheel drive with 2.7: 1 off-road reduction, everything can be activated by turning a switch - like in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. As long as there is enough space on the prairie, it can be a lot of fun.


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