The cars of the US presidents

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The cars of the US presidents
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1 939 became Franklin D. Roosevelt with the Lincoln K Sunshine Series drove in the first official presidential limousine. Security? Nothing! Special equipment: radio system and handles for the Secret Service! Eighty years later, 'The Beast' protects the President while traveling.

Cadillac 'The Beast' weighs 5 to 8 tons

Although the armored sedan has the lines and looks of models like the Cadillac CTS or the new CT6, the state body has nothing to do with the production models. With an estimated weight of 5 to 8 tons, the new Cadillac One is also based on a truck platform that is presumably contributed by GM's Chevrolet brand. The platform carries the Chevrolet Kodiak, among other things. The installed Goodyear wheels are also truck-sized.

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The new presidential limousine was put into service in 2018.

The almost 7 meter long limousine relies on a further increased ground clearance and a high roof compared to the predecessor. During Obama's visit to Ireland, the old model was mounted on an inconvenient driveway for the long wheelbase.

Of course, there is little information about safety equipment. Centimeter thick panels - allegedly 13 centimeters - made of steel, kevlar, aramid and ceramic are supposed to protect the president and should make 'The Beast' the safest car in the world. The underbody and the tank are also protected against grenades and bombs. Windows and doors withstand projectiles but also attacks with chemical and biological weapons. Only the driver can open his window and the doors are supposedly so heavy that Donald Trump cannot open them from the inside on his own.There are also said to be several weapons and a gas cannon on board.

Blood supplies on board

If the chauffeur has to seek his salvation in flight, he should be able to use a nitrous oxide as with the predecessor -Injection. It should be able to breathe more power into the presumably around 6.6 liter V8 if required, when liquid N2O (laughing gas) cools the combustion chambers considerably and there is room for more performance-enhancing oxygen atoms in the combustion chamber. In addition, 'The Beast' has bulletproof run-flat tires. Should the tires shred anyway, the rolling bunker can continue to roll on an inner steel ring. In addition to a fire extinguishing system, there are also oxygen bottles and emergency medical equipment in the trunk, including blood products with the President's blood group. He sits on a special chair that can also be lowered using the panic button. Otherwise, the limousine, which according to a US commentator 'can withstand an asteroid', has the necessary and secure communication facilities, including satellite telephone and direct line to the Vice President and the Pentagon. In addition to the US President, Cadillac One also offers space for six more passengers in a 2 + 3 + 2 seat layout.

The new Beast began its service in 2018. However, the model was not a one-off. It is said that 12 examples of the armored car were made. By the way: At the inauguration of US President Trump on January 20, 2017, the old model of the Cadillac One was used, with which Barack Obama was already traveling.


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