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The best cars of 2012 in sports cars: Porsche 911 back

The best sports cars of 2012
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D he auto motor und sport readers have decided and the front runner among the sports cars in the readers' choice 'The Best Cars 2012'. It is a German, was able to unite 28.5 percent and bears the name Porsche 911. The Swabian has thus achieved the top spot on the podium after the 911 was ranked second last year and only third in 2010.

German sports cars dominate the podium

Two years in a row, readers voted the Mercedes SLS AMG for pole Position under the sports car. In 2012, the gullwing came in second in the readers' poll 'The Best Cars' with 19.3 percent of the vote. As in the previous year, the podium was rounded off by the Audi R8, which 12.6 percent voted for auto and sport readers.

The thankless fourth place went to the BMW 6 Series with a result of 7.6 percent. Only then do sports cars from abroad follow. Fifth place goes to the Ferrari 458 Italia (4.9 percent). Sixth is the Lamborghini Aventador (3.7 percent), followed by Aston Martin Vantage, Aston Martin DB9 /DBS and Ferrari FF. The Bugatti Veyron just made it into the top ten with 2.3 percent of the votes.

Italian sports cars win import ranking

This also means that the top position in the import ranking is below The front sports car is the Ferrari 458 Italia with a clear result of 16.3 percent. It is followed by the Lamborghin Aventador with 10.9 percent. Third place was shared by Ferrari FF and Aston Martin DB9 /DBS with a share of 9.5 percent. This is followed by the Aston Martin Vantage (9.0 percent) and Bugatti Veyron (6.9).

You can read all the results of the 36th auto motor und sport readers' poll in the sports car category in our photo show.


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