The best cars of 2011: middle class

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The best cars of 2011
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A ust in 2011 auto motor und sport has that too best car wanted in the middle class. In an exciting head-to-head race, the title went to Ingolstadt again. As in the past two years, the Audi A4 /Allroad /A5 made the race in the readers' poll. With 27.5 percent of all votes, the lead shrank slightly compared to the previous year (2010: 35.4 percent).

Mercedes C-Class just overtook the BMW 3 Series

Die Competition from Stuttgart and Munich had to admit defeat in the end. For the Mercedes C-Class (21.8 percent) there was at least one place up compared to the previous year. The Swabian middle class pushed the BMW 3 Series (21.6 percent) wafer-thinly into third place.

Almost three quarters of all readers ticked one of the three premium manufacturers. For Volkswagen, the VW Passat landed in fourth place - already slightly behind with 11.4 percent. The Opel Insignia also finished in a respectable fifth place with no chance with 4.4 percent of all votes cast.

Skoda Superb wins the import classification

The Skoda Superb landed in sixth place. 2.7 percent of the readers voted for the Czech mid-range model, which also earned the Superb the title in the separate import rating. Of the readers who ticked only foreign manufacturers in the middle class, 28.0 percent voted for the Skoda Superb.

Second place in the import car rating in the middle class goes to the Volvo S60 /V60 with 12 , 4 percent. The Alfa Romeo 159 found itself on the bronze rank. 11.2 percent of the import car votes went to the Italian.


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