The best cars of 2010: minicars

Stephan Lindloff
The best cars of 2010
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As in the previous year, the Mini in the overall ranking at the top. He received 33 percent of the vote (after 31.1 percent in the previous year). Second place goes to the F iat 500 , which unites 26 percent of the votes (2009: 29.7 percent).

In the overall ranking, the Ford Ka with 12.4 percent of the vote third place (2009: 11.0 percent), followed by Smart Fortwo , for which 10.8 percent of readers voted. This means that 1.2 percent fewer readers voted for the small two-seater compared to the previous year.

Mini also with the imported vehicles Top

If the small Fiat Cinquecento still had the crown in import vehicles in 2009, this year it has to cede the top position to the Mini (39.6 percent). The last place on the podium for imported cars goes to the Toyota iQ , which was the best import vehicle in 2010 for 4.4 percent of our readers. For comparison: In 2009 the little Japanese came in fifth. Reverse game at Suzuki Swift : It was enough In 2009, with 3.8 percent of the votes still for third place in the import minicars, the Swift 2010 had to be content with sixth place and 2.8 percent of the votes.

Also noticeable in this one Year: the big gap between the two first-place winners - the Mini and the Fiat 500, which each won well over 30 percent of the votes - and the remaining places.


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