The best car quotes in the world

Hardy Mutschler
The best auto quotes
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The Große Brockhaus from 1896 saw things in a similarly pessimistic way will probably remain of no great importance. ”More than a century later, the car polarizes, fascinates and moves people like hardly any other object.

Actors, racing drivers or politicians, everyone is good for a car quote

Whether politicians, actors, car makers or racing drivers - the car has drawn many quotes that are highly philosophical, p personal or just plain true. Enzo Ferrari put it in a nutshell: 'The car was invented to increase people's freedom of freedom, but not to drive people crazy.'

Barack Obama remembered his first Car: “My first car was a Ford Granada. This tin can was the worst car ever built in Detroit. ”Günter Beckstein's stomach turns when he thinks that you only have to drive a Fiat or Skoda, while Walter Röhrl, probably one of the biggest sayings, would rather hang himself up before he did would have to drive a Smart.

You have to be afraid of a fast car

His many car quotes are crowned from the saying: “A car is only fast enough when you stand in front of it in the morning and are afraid to unlock it.” So PFER strengths are still the focus of interest, and the circle closes: “The car has the horse far from being ousted. Or do you know a monument with a man at the wheel? ”(Hans Günter Winkler, show jumping legend).

In our photo show we have collected the best car quotes in the world. Also on board: Ferry Porsche, Günter Netzer, Harald Schmidt, Heidi Klum, Henry Ford and of course Walter Röhrl.


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