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The Autostadt stand at the Bremen Classic Motorshow

Bremen Classic
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The automotive milestones come from the 'ZeitHaus' of the Autostadt and will be presented from February 5 to 7, 2010 at the B remen Classic Motorshow can be seen.

Autostadt adapts vintage cars to the trade fair motto

The oldest Autostadt exhibit on stand 5D 17 in Hall 5.0 is the Lancia Lambda , the youngest of the Lamborghini Countach LP 400. This sports car is the first production model to be built with a self-supporting body and also the fastest street-legal sports car of the 1970s. With the Italian classic cars, the Autostadt is underlining this year's trade fair theme 'Italian car culture'. With the other two classic vehicles, the exhibition stand aims to draw attention to the automotive history of Bremen and the former Borgward group.

A Lyoyd 500 from 1952 - today it would be one of the minivans with six seats - and a Hansa 1500 Hebmüller from 1951 decorate the presentation area of ​​the Autostadt at the Bremen Classic Motorshow. In addition to the vintage cars that are well worth seeing, the stand also offers information on all aspects of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg.


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