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The auto motor und sport squad: everyone straddles on all fours

Markus Stier
The auto motor und sport squad
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N oh the properties that lead us to the The first thing that came to mind was the cars. The vehicle can match the attributes of the playful strengths or weaknesses, the origin of the player or the function in the game. The selection is purely subjective.

It quickly became clear which model we would put on the pitch for Manuel Neuer: the Opel Insignia OPC. He is strong, tall, athletic and comes from the Ruhr area. Even with Jerome Boateng we didn't have to ponder for long and bought him the Dodge Nitro - a bit gross motorized, big and not exactly the most inconspicuous.

VW T5 has gone quiet

Benedikt Höwedes, on the other hand, does not (yet) particularly stand out and is therefore being replaced by the Renault Kangoo. The tall Per Mertesacker has gone calm and is characterized by reliability, which is why the VW T5 takes his place in the squad.

Let's move from defense to midfield: For Sami Khedira, that is more likely inconspicuous workhorse when the Audi A4 Allroad hits the lawn, Bastian Schweinsteiger, a massive all-rounder from Munich, is replaced by the BMW M5. For Mesut Özil, the technically demanding all-rounder, the M3 comes, while we send the Porsche 911 onto the field for Thomas Müller.

' He's got a lot of thump '

The first thing that occurred to us about Toni Kroos was:' He's got a lot of thump. ' That's why we're putting the Mercedes C 63 AMG up for him in our squad. We assign Mario Götze the attributes nimble, fresh and full of ideas, which leads us to the Toyota GT 86. For the köllschen boy in midfield, Lukas Podolski, comes the Ford Focus RS, while we bring the Nissan Leaf for Lars Bender: The young player has not really been able to assert himself because he lacks experience. This roughly also applies to electric cars.

Lotus Super Seven for Gomez in the ams EM team 2012

Let's attack: Only two strikers takes Jogi to Poland - but we leave that uncommented here. Instead, we pack the Lotus Super Seven instead of Mario Gomez: sports car with little technical chichi that only relies on (driving) dynamics.

Miroslav Klose receives a special honor: His We are sending a 1981 Mercedes SL to the European Championship 2012 - it is strong in the game andis just before the H license plate.

You can find all the players and the cars we have drawn in the photo show.


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