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The ADAC gives up its anti-speed limit stance

New view of the automobile club
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S ought there to be a general speed limit on German autobahns? If the ADAC was asked about this topic up to now, it was always: No chance, not with us! Now you can hear new tones from the headquarters of the automobile club in Munich. The ADAC is “no longer fundamentally” against a speed limit, said Vice President Traffic, Gerhard Hillebrand, of the German Press Agency (dpa).

“The ADAC is not committed”

But that does not mean that the ADAC is now joining the ranks of speed limit advocates. Hillebrand pleads for an objectification of the emotionally led debate, which also polarizes. Even its own members - according to their own statements, there are now more than 21 million - are divided on the question. 50 percent reject a speed limit, 45 percent would welcome it. “That is why the ADAC is not currently committed to the issue,” says Hillebrand.

The official calls for a comprehensive study to clarify the effects of a general speed limit of 130 km /h. 'This would provide a reliable basis for decision-making.' Also in the coming week, the subject should be discussed at the traffic court day in Goslar. One focus of the event: aggressiveness in road traffic.

Grand coalition split on speed limit issue

Currently there is no general speed limit on around 70 percent of all German motorway kilometers. According to Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, this is not necessary either. 'We have far more outstanding tasks than putting this highly emotional topic in the shop window again and again - for which there are no majorities,' said the CSU politician recently. Previously, the SPD, the coalition partner in the federal government, had started an initiative for a speed limit and justified this with the fact that both road safety and climate protection would benefit from it.


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