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That is what Mercedes-AMG, Audi Sport and BMW M sold in 2016

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Mercedes-AMG, Audi Sport, BMW M
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A udi, BMW and Mercedes report increasing sales in their sports departments. Mercedes-AMG achieved almost six-figure sales. According to its own information, BMW M GmbH sold 67,900 cars in 2016. Audi Sport put over 20,000 RS and R8 on the road for the first time. Including the S models, Audi has over 80,000 sports vehicles.

Performance models accelerate sales

At Mercedes, the main growth drivers are performance models such as the C 43, but also the new one AMG GT is selling well. At M GmbH, the performance cars also contribute to the good result: Their share is 44 percent (30,400 units).

At Mercedes-AMG, however, sales are also spread across many more model series: The Swabians For lack of a basis, refrain from offering a fast small car that could compete with the Audi S1 ​​or Mini John Cooper Works. But otherwise almost every series gets at least one AMG. The C- and E-Class as well as the GLC are also available as performance models.

Large selection at AMG

The selection is really large where Audi and BMW are almost there stop: with the SL and S-Class convertible, Mercedes is making convertibles in the luxury convertible segment. Both are available with V8 (63) or V12 biturbo. AMG also installs the 1,000 Nm strong V12 in the S-Class sedan and coupé as well as the G-Class.

The AMG-MS /RS comparison shows which brand makes which models Photo show.


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