Testdrive Mazda 2: Nine for 2

Beate Jeske
Testdrive Mazda 2
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Readers had a lot of fun with the Mazda 2

O h yes, there were great moments with the automatic. The gray Mazda 2 drives its front wheels via this. And now we're sitting in the back of this car, there's a driver change. A gentleman - it is polite to keep his name a secret - sits behind the wheel. His words still echo in our ears: 'I've never driven an automatic!' The gas pedal has already touched the floor pan, the 90 hp petrol engine is touring towards 6,000, and the Mazda 2 storms up the first meters of Montserrat, just past the arid guardrails.

There was no shortage of entertainment on these two days at the end of January. Because the readers can drive all petrol versions of the new Mazda 2 and crawl through all equipment variants. 'I like the Sportline best, with its large rev counter,' says Stefan Mack. Like everyone else, he is particularly enthusiastic about the 2 Skyactiv-G 115.

'I like to drive in a sporty way, because the most powerful engine fits,' explains Tobias Lahrsow, who has just finished his studies, and one Looking for a replacement for his Skoda Fabia I. 'I could like the Mazda.' Laura Meier is also wondering which car could replace her eight-year-old Lancia Y. 'I think the design of the 2 is very successful, the circuit is great.'

Chic? Definitely!

But it's not just the appearance and drive that are well received, but the big picture: 'I like the 2. The design is outstanding, the equipment is great, especially the head-up I think the display is really good, as well as the lightweight construction and the large-capacity engines, 'says Ralf Kant. The Mazda 2 would also be a potential successor to her 19-year-old VW Polo for Angelika Kammerer.

David Gärtner is also looking a new car. In the next few weeks he will have to decide between a 2 or a Skoda Fabia. The chances for the Mazda? 'I really liked that, also that the infotainment is so easy to use.' As a city car, the 2 would have good chances with Elisabeth Jux. The development engineer for driver assistance systems praises the Mazda for its safety equipment with lane change and lane departure warning systems.

We don't take our own lane so strictly on the sleek driveway to Montserrat. The cold wind swept away the clouds above, soThere is a view deep into the country, behind us the monastery hangs in the rock. Tobias Engl starts the 115 hp Mazda 2 impatiently. Privately, he drives the Toyota Urban Cruiser, which is great for the city, 'but the Mazda almost looks like a compact car when driving despite its compact dimensions.' The test drive with the five variants of the 2 passed really quickly, say the readers over dinner. In addition, it goes by bus to Barcelona, ​​on a small city tour past the Olympic quarter, the marina and the old town to the Mazda Space in the middle of the city. The next morning there should be an entertaining product presentation for the 2nd and about how much clever technology there is in it. But in the evening everything revolves around the test drive in the Mazda 2. And small episodes at the foot of Montserrat are transfigured into legends - completely automatically.


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