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Test review 2011: So good were the sports car newbies

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Review 2011
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A ll sports cars that are tested by sport auto must be yours Prove potential on the racetrack. The lap time on the Hockenheimring is one of the standard measurements, regardless of whether it is an individual or a comparison test. Only in the sport auto-Supertest are the test cars additionally measured on the Nordschleife.

Wide range of test cars in 2011

Let's focus on the individual and group test candidates in 2011, the make up over 60 sporty vehicles. The spectrum ranges from lightweight extremists, such as the Ariel Atom, which weighs 626 kilograms, to heavy sports models like the Maserati GranCabrio with over 2.1 tons. The performance data of the test cars are just as diverse. With 140 hp, the Abarth 500C was the weakest vehicle in the test year and the 9ff Speed9 ranks at the upper end of the performance ranking with 650 hp.

Hockenheim lap times under 1.10 minutes

Ein Newcomer gets the record for the fastest Hockenheim lap time in the test year 2011. With the second fastest lap time ever measured at the Hockenheimring in the individual test, the McLaren MP4-12C makes a debut made to measure. The 600 HP strong Brit circumnavigates the Baden Motodrom in an impressive 1.08.4 minutes (Here you can find the Single test McLaren MP4-12C ).

The Porsche 997 GT3 WRS 510 from tuner Wendland is a tenth of a second slower than the McLaren. Its boxer heart is a GT3 RS engine that has been expanded to four liters and now develops 510 hp. Thanks to further modifications, the test candidate lapped the Hockenheimring in 1.08.8 minutes (Here you can find the Single test Wendland-Porsche 997 GT3 WRS 510 ).

The last podium place and third single test candidate 2011 with a lap time of less than 1.10 minutes is the 9ff- Porsche GT3 G-Track. The clubsport racing car based on GT3 with 450 hp was specially designed for circuit use and circles the Baden Motodrom in 1.09.8 minutes. (Here you can find the Single test of 9ff Porsche GT3 G-Track ).

In the Hockenheim lap times Ranking of the individual and comparative test candidates 2011 follows the SpeedArt-Porsche BTR-II E580 Evo (1.10.4 min) before theHohenester-Audi TT RS II (1.10.7 min) and the G-Power BMW M3 GTS (1.11.8 min).

The complete ranking according to the Hockenheim lap times of the individual and group test candidates in the Year 2011 see the photo show. For comparison with other test candidates, there is the Hockenheim lap times in the overview.


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