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  • Test drive: Mercedes 300 SL (R 129) - the sensible fun vehicle

Test drive: Mercedes 300 SL (R 129) - the sensible fun vehicle

Test drive: Mercedes 300 SL (R 129)
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O kay, white indicators, they were only available from September 1995. We'll exchange them for the orange ones right away. And the innocent eight-hole rims also suit the early 129 SL much better than the thickly applied 17-inch AMG design. Oh yes, there would be the weakest engine in the Sacco-SL, the good two-valve three-liter from the 124, the M 103 is called, 10 HP more than in the series production and only 3 HP less than the more economical four-valve in the later SL 280, the but does not run so smoothly.

With the sophisticated four-speed automatic transmission, this drive in the 300 SL looks unspectacular, but harmonious through and through. In addition, the basic version 300 SL with the mystical Mercedes type designation is not yet as over-electrified as the eight or even twelve-cylinder versions of the emphatically elegantly drawn R 129. Mercedes chief designer Bruno Sacco dedicated an attractive, timeless dress without a lot of chi chi to it.

Our car in obsidian black metallic looks honest - regardless of whether the mileage, service history or the well-groomed appearance are the criteria. A few signs of use cannot be overlooked, but rust, which is not nearly as common on the Bremer 129 as it is on the Stern high-volume models of those days, is not an issue. At the low price, the siren-like 129 slogan “Buy now” is tempting.

  • Pro: Few kilometers, lavish equipment, very well-kept condition, accident-free, garage car
  • Cons: color combination not very happy, weakest engine, not 100 percent original
  • Conclusion: highly recommended, honest car at a fair price, electronics still manageable


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