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Test drive: Mercedes 300 E-24 - the little man's 500 E

Test drive: Mercedes 300 E-24
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S atte 220 hp for little money are not a bad argument for the rare candidate - only 19,300 300E-24 models were built. Rust, the main evil of the 124er, is hardly visible, only a bad blister smoldering on the rear right wheel arch. However, the right front fender was once badly lacquered.

The Sportline package lets the 24-valve unit lie far lower than we like, and the white and red taillights are not original either, they only existed from the second facelift from 1993. Inside and out, however, the powerful bolide needs thorough cleaning, the arctic white paint is cloudy with a dull gray haze.

White also ensures the banal harmlessness of a 200 D, the 300 E -24 turns into a wolf in sheep's clothing. Technically, the type, which once cost 83,000 marks, is convincing, the M 104 double ocher turns happily high, the four-speed automatic successfully conceals the weak torque in the lower speed range. The economical, long-lasting engine wrongly enjoys a bad reputation. You pay a small fortune for him in a convertible.

  • Pro: Original condition, acceptable mileage, technically good, TÜV and AU 5/2012
  • Cons: Needs a thorough preparation inside and out, lots of detail defects
  • Conclusion: low-risk entry-level youngtimers, take away at the low price. White turns off


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