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  • Test drive: Ford Mustang 289 V8 - healthy pony to stroke

Test drive: Ford Mustang 289 V8 - healthy pony to stroke

Test drive: Ford Mustang 289 V8
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H Einfried Koselka, owner of the Klassik Garage Bad Saulgau, knows a lot about vintage cars. This is proven by the aptly formulated advertising text for the 67 Mustang hardtop coupé: 'All in all, a great basis for entering the V8 Mustang scene, with manageable effort and without weeks of welding'> Even after viewing the second-series Mustang, there is hardly anything to add. The less popular hardtop coupé of the second series has its own very special stylistic charms. Except for the faded second paint and the 70s Mustang aluminum, the impression is pleasing.

The lush chrome hasn't suffered, and the tech just needs a major overhaul to fix a few minor details. Patina fans would probably get the most out of the wonderfully authentic southern California paintwork - especially USCars is a certain infatuation as long as the H-appraiser participates.

Koselka always has cheap US imports the courtyard - over there is still a first-series Mustang, and next door is a stainless 230 S. It's worth a visit.

  • Pro: California import, only slight rust in places, good technology, fair price
  • Cons: paint and interior (headliner, door panels) with UV damage
  • Conclusion: very good substance, no welding work necessary, for patina friends


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