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  • Test drive: Fiat 126 BIS - miniature car in top condition

Test drive: Fiat 126 BIS - miniature car in top condition

Test drive: Fiat 126 BIS
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B IS indicates the production location, stands for Bielsko-Biala in Poland. Not, as many think, for a cryptic abbreviation like underfloor motor with water cooling. But it is precisely this 700 cubic OHV twin, placed in the rear, with a noise-dampening water jacket and meager 26 hp, that is the difference between the BIS and Bambino.

It turns the timelessly modern Fiat 126 a reasonably cultured car that is not that refreshing drives like an old 10-inch mini. But his actually palpable temperament is enough to cheerfully play along in big city traffic.

Fiat 126 are almost extinct in this country. In Poland there is still a larger community that tends its Maluch (dwarf), but for the lover's status of the 126, the Mini and of course the Fiat 500 are great competition. Our specimen is second-hand and has been very well cared for, no trace of rust and no dents and scratches that suggest typical novice or senior drivers.

The parallel twin starts willingly and turns robustly, the technical purism alone challenges classic car lovers who appreciate rustic driving fun. Apart from the transistor ignition, the Fiat does not have a single electronic component. The customer service booklet proves the mileage, the fabric upholstery is almost flawless. If you like it, you should buy it, there aren't many left.

  • Pro: Very good original condition, low mileage, TÜV test without defects
  • Cons: No G- Kat (environmental zones!), First gear unsynchronized, small signs of wear
  • Conclusion: For collectors of bonsai cars who enjoy the minimalist



2021-06-11 18:17:10

“Bis” name has nothing to do with where the 126 is built ,it means encore in Italian, the 126 Bis is the 2nd generation model hence “Bis”

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