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  • Test drive: BMW 735i (E 32) - Long live the old six-cylinder

Test drive: BMW 735i (E 32) - Long live the old six-cylinder

Test drive: BMW 735i (E 32)
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F he legendary M30 six-cylinder was the most important engine of the past century for BMW. The heavy, solid engine set standards in terms of performance and smoothness from 1968, thwarted the success of the twin-disc Wankel and formed the basis for the 277 hp four-valve twin camshaft monument in the M1.

Before BMW In 1991, when the upscale five and sevens relied on newly developed, efficient four-valve eight-cylinder, this old 735 i quickly emerged. With a full 300 Nm of torque and a robustness that is superior to the more sensitive, lighter aluminum eight-cylinders.

With 237,000 kilometers on the clock, our copy is certainly not a collector's item, but a beautiful, well-kept everyday -Youngtimer with lavish equipment including airbag, automatic, sunroof and automatic air conditioning. It offers a fine sample of former luxury-class driving in a luxurious ambience.

The sevens does a lot of work with a classic look, timeless design, and superior driving characteristics. Even after almost 20 kilometers of intensive years, something like spontaneous desire comes across, even if the once vaunted temperament is quickly put into perspective these days. The 735 i is more of a glider, then it also manages with 12 liters. Only the Borbet rims have to be removed; the proceeds will be used to purchase a set of original cross-spokes and a new BMW emblem on the front.

  • Pro: Well-kept condition, almost all customer services at BMW, attractive equipment, TÜV and AU
  • Cons: Quite high mileage, minor rust marks, signs of wear and detail defects
  • Conclusion: cool, recognized youngtimer without repair backlog for little money. Good starter kit


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