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Test drive: BMW 635 CSi - the sapphire blue miracle

Test drive: BMW 635 CSi
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E s borders on a miracle that a car over 30 years old looks so good with almost 280,000 kilometers on the counter. An important reason is the completely traceable history of the attractive BMW coupé, which only had two previous owners.

The current one, who wants to part with the elegant Bracq design for reasons of age, is particularly meticulous. You can already see that in the almost conservative storage in the garage, which, however, almost excludes regular movement. It used to be different, because a lot of kilometers came together.

The owner points out an engine overhaul, especially in the area of ​​the cylinder head 30,000 kilometers ago, thanks to the lush cavity preservation the body is rust-free and unwelded. The body sealing compound around the front spring domes could also be a measure carried out at the Karmann factory in Rheine.

After the spontaneous starting process, the large-volume six-cylinder initially runs a little out of round, and then turns into the typical BMW quiet and supple whispers to fall into At the time, the 635 CSi was the top model of the E23 series, which cost 54,000 marks. Recaro sports seats and a five-speed sports transmission were standard. In general, the early six shines with even more attention to detail, and only a few examples built before the 82 facelift have survived.

  • Pro: Very good condition, no rust, engine and drive flawless, attractive extras (headlight wipers, leather upholstery)
  • Cons: high mileage, longer service life
  • Conclusion: the BMW century six-cylinder is indestructible, fair price


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