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  • Test drive: Audi 80 GLS - the long way to the H number

Test drive: Audi 80 GLS - the long way to the H number

Test drive: Audi 80 GLS
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H err Thamaz is a kind and patient man. The price of the Inari silver Audi 80 with fine GL equipment seems cheap for a potential H license plate car. The timidly requested 1250 euros are by no means his last word, he signals without glossing over or telling the usual stories.

Such an Audi 80, Type 81, is not in the very narrowest focus of youngtimers -Lover. This one has had an eventful life. First hand doesn't always mean a well-maintained garage car. Coarser sweat patches on the left rear sill, on the lower right wing at the level of the A-pillar and in the engine compartment. The clack coat on the roof and hood is matt and faded. A few moldings are dented.

The inside is flawless, the frog-green velor reflects the zeitgeist of the 70s. The clutch comes late, at first you start at too high a speed, otherwise the drive doesn't cause any problems. A U-Kat was retrofitted once.

Despite the lack of detail, the poor car deserved a rescue before it turned the Audi scene into a tuning monster with flip-flop paint.

  • Pro: original condition, flawless history, 85 PS version, engine and gearbox okay
  • Cons: clear coat partially matt, moderately repaired rust damage (sills)
  • Conclusion: It costs a good 500 euros in the workshop until H. So negotiate hard


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