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Tesla wants to go to New York without a driver from L.A. in 2016

Real autopilot - future autonomous Tesla
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Tesla boss Elon Musk made a corresponding announcement on Thursday night. The previous technology of the autopilot in Tesla models was classified by the critics as absolutely inadequate and for v he various accidents . Tesla has obviously taken the criticism to heart and is now on the offensive.

Elon Musk has announced real announcements for all future Tesla models autonomous driving.

Genuine autonomous driving for all Teslas

This is how all Tesla vehicles in the Model S and Model X are now getting eight cameras instead of one, plus there are 12 ultrasonic and radar sensors with a higher range and resolution, and the on-board computer's computing power has increased by a factor of 40. The cameras can monitor an area of ​​360 degrees and a distance of 250 meters. The appropriate software is to be introduced gradually and updated regularly.

By the end of next year, for example, it should be possible to drive from Los Angeles to New York without the driver having to do a single move, said Elon Musk about the schedule. The new technology is expected to cost Tesla around 8,000 dollars per model; around 3,000 dollars have been invested so far for the technology of the autopilot.

The Model 3 announced for 2017 will also be equipped with the technology upgrades for autonomous driving. In contrast to what Tesla has done so far, it is neither intended nor possible to upgrade older Tesla models with the new technology.

The system's self-learning mode should also be new. The software for autonomous driving learns while the person is driving by doing the in the backgroundAnalyzes the traffic situation and the corresponding driver reactions. When and where this software, which can be activated in stages, will be used, Musk makes local laws and regulations dependent.


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