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Tesla updates: Model S with insane speed

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All Tesla fans who are longingly waiting for the Model X, Musk promises that the first models will be delivered at the end of September. The third car, the Model 3, is also on schedule and expected in around two years. The next generation of the T esla Roadster announces Musk for four years.

Insane pace for Retrofitting

Some updates for the Model S are already available. New, for example, is the 70 kWh version with rear-wheel drive, which is available in the USA for 70,000 dollars, which is 5,000 dollars cheaper than the all-wheel drive version.

New buyers of the 85 kWh variant can have the battery capacity increased to 90 kWh for a surcharge of 3,000 dollars and thus increase the range by 6%. Existing customers can also receive the upgrade.

The 'Ludicrous Mode' update (based on the film Spaceballs by Mel Brooks) is aimed at performance-hungry customers, which gives the top version even more power and ludicrous driving performance. The Model S Sped from zero to 100 km /h in just 2.8 seconds. The quarter mile should be accomplished in 10.9 seconds and the top speed of 250 km /h should be reached 20% faster. New customers pay $ 10,000 extra for the power option. Existing customers can have the extra power retrofitted in the next six months for a price of 5,000 dollars plus installation.


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