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Tesla reduces offer: Less choice in the Model S

Tesla reduced offer
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No longer eligible for the T esla Model S is the battery variant with a capacity of 85 kWh. The rear-wheel drive variant for the 90 kWh version has also been omitted. According to information from Tesla, the 85 version had lost a lot of customer interest after the 90 version was presented, which is why it has now been deleted. The drive range for the Model S now starts with the 70s version with rear-wheel drive and extends to the P90 version with all-wheel drive Performance data had to be adjusted

Tesla only had to correct the official performance data of its models at the end of last year. Because according to EU directives, only the nominal output that can actually be achieved is decisive for performance information, the all-wheel drive versions of the Model S the catalog values ​​can be adjusted.

So far, the power of the two motors on both axles was simply added for the Model S with all-wheel drive. With the P85D, which has now been discontinued, 262 HP on the front axle plus 510 HP on the rear axle resulted in a system output of 772 HP. But because the battery of the electric car does not have enough power to operate both engines at full load at the same time, Tesla had to correct the performance data downwards.

The new 'battery-limited maximum motor shaft output', which is available on the Tesla homepage stated, the P85D had 539 hp. The 85D version had 422 hp, the 70D 332 hp. However, the torque information and the driving performance remained unchanged, because in fact nothing changed in the hardware.


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