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Tesla Model X in the Twitter review: Noble electric SUV

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It is not just the doors that the Tesla M or X for the wow- Effect. The funky entrance portals for the passengers in the second and third rows open up like the wings of an eagle, and that too at the push of a button. No, as the P90D, the Model X also impresses with its sprinting ability.

The electric SUV from Tesla boss Elon Musk has been available in North America since autumn 2015 and has enabled its drivers to get their first impressions.

Tesla's Model X is not only going to be positive perceived

The Tesla Model X goes very quietly, of course. Nevertheless, it is not inconspicuous, and that is due to its sheer size - and also to its idiosyncratic Tesla design.

And that does not go down well everywhere. An Instagram user writes: 'Oops, Model X is ugliness personified.' But even if there are some critical voices, the majority seem convinced of the concept. The Model X is often referred to as 'the future'. A woman posts a picture with the fully loaded electric SUV, which has a total of seven seats.

You can read our driving report in the current issue of auto motor und sport.

Indeed, with the Model X, Elon Musk is taking an important step into his ideal world of electrically powered vehicles. SUVs are usually decried as fuel guzzlers, but the Tesla interpretation combines the advantages - lots of space, highSeating position and comfort - without the environmentally harmful disadvantages such as the high fuel consumption due to the immense weight.

The Model X should be available on the European market in the second half of 2016. And since the SUV boom seems unbroken, the Model X promises even better sales figures than the Model S was able to achieve in its early years. Whether European owners post so diverse on Twitter and Instagram?

We were also allowed to drive, you can read the driving report in the latest issue (04/2016) of auto motor und sport. Here you can download the current issue right away order

We have collected voices and impressions from North America for you here.

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