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Tesla Model S Shooting Brake from Qwest and Remetz

Tesla Model S Shooting Brake
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Floris de Raadt is Dutch and a fan of Shooting Brake versions. The passionate collector already has various combination items in his collection - an T esla was still missing from the collection. To change that, he hired the Dutch coachbuilder RemetzCars to build one. They have already gained Tesla experience, as hearses based on the electric car are also manufactured in addition to the coachbuilder's offer.

New line from the B-pillar

at the beginning of March 2018 should be the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake presented will. 19 more copies are to follow. The Shooting Brake version was drawn by the Dutch designer Niels van Roij. He tried to give the Tesla an elegant hatchback without digging deep into the original body structure. This should keep the costs and the conversion work as low as possible.

The Model S remains unchanged up to the B-pillar. From this point on, the roof line is raised and lengthened. It ends in a steeply sloping C-pillar just behind the rear wheels. The extremely flat rear window is covered by a roof spoiler. The area between the rear window and the taillights is only slightly adjusted. The flanks have an extended window area. The lower window line loses its final upswing. The body changes are made with aluminum sheets.

All 20 copies of the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake are expanded in the interior according to customer requirements. The order books are already open and deposits are being accepted at RemetzCars.

Tesla station wagon from Great Britain

Another station wagon version of the Tesla Model S is currently being built at Qwest in Norfolk, UK. Here, too, a customer was the driving force. He needs space for his dog and the combination construction costs around 70,000 pounds. For this purpose, all new body parts are made of carbon fiber laminate and the rear window is significantly steeper than its Dutch counterpart. The Qwest Tesla Shooting Brake is based on the Model S 90D and has a capacity of 200 to 945 litersincreased trunk volume. Thanks to the lightweight body parts, the vehicle weight is even reduced by twelve kilograms.


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