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Tesla Model S Long Range Plus: 652 kilometers range

Tesla Model S (2021) drives 652 km
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Tesla boss Elon Musk proudly tweeted in June 2020 that the Model S according to the consumption measurement method of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency - independent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) comes 400 miles, which is the equivalent of 647 kilometers. Now the next range update follows. Without any announcement, T esla changed the performance and range information of its models in October 2020. Of course, this also applies to the Model S, which has been on the market in its basic version since 2012 and received the last major facelift in 2016. The cheapest Model S Long Range Plus, which is called 'Maximum Range Plus' in Germany, can now travel 652 kilometers instead of 610 with one charge of its approximately 100 kWh battery. Top speed (250 km /h) and acceleration (3.8 seconds to 100 km /h) remained unchanged.

Rossen Gargolov
The new Model S Long Range plus has a range that is over 20 percent greater than the P100D (picture) from 2019.

Eleven km /h faster

The sport version of the Model S 'Performance' (from 94,970 euros) Will officially create 639 kilometers in the future before the next supercharger has to be driven. Previously, 593 kilometers were possible. At the top, 261 km /h are now also possible, previously it was limited to 250 km /h. The performance version still takes 2.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km /h.

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Many measures lead to success

According to Tesla, many detailed improvements have contributed to the increased reach. Obviously it was also about adapting the hardware. The most important changes relate to further optimized aerodynamics, a 'significant' reduction in weight and an improved system for recovering energy. It is not yet known whether existing owners will also benefit from some of the improvements via over-the-air update (OTA).


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