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Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to build an electric car for $ 25,000

Justin Evidon
Tesla Model I
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W hen one man is currently making the headlines, it is the visionary Elon Musk. But far from his obviously ailing physique, he is once again heating up the rumor mill about a future cheap Tesla. “What we could create would be a $ 25,000 vehicle. If we work really hard, we could offer a model like this in three years, ”he reveals. The key to making products affordable is to further develop things in terms of their technology and to make them smaller at the same time. He cites the development of the smartphone as an example.

Transferred to the automotive industry, this means: Take the 53 kWh battery from the latest roadster and transplant it into a somewhat compact Model 3 chassis. The result would be an e-Golf that could actually drive over 600 kilometers with the typical Tesla output of at least 261 hp. Whether and when there will actually be such a model 1 or 2 is still in the stars. If the nomenclature of the previous models is used (S, 3, X, Y), the names I, A and M would be suitable for the next three city runabouts (I AM S3XY).

Tesla will manufacture from the end Seven models in 2019

Currently, however, Tesla is concentrating on the Model S , Model 3 , Model X , Model Y (compact SUV with around 35,000 dollars at a price level similar to the Model 3 will be available at the end of 2019; see photo show) , a truck called Semi , a Pick-up and the new Roadster . Elon Musk likes to refer to the latter as the 'dessert of the model range'. It should offer enough space for drivers up to 1.98 meters tall. With the rocket launch of the 1,420 tonsheavy Falcon Heavy, at the top of which is still a 1.3-ton new roadster, Elon Musk has once again achieved a real marketing gag. And that, although he likes to flirt with neither marketing nor advertising, but prefers to put all his money into the development and research of his vehicles.


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