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Tempo 30 metropolis: Paris throttles the speed

Tempo 30 now applies on the streets of the French capital Paris. This is intended to reduce noise, environmental pollution and accidents.

According to the city administration, almost 60 percent of the residents of Paris voted to limit the speed of cars and two-wheelers to 30 km/h in the inner city. The French capital has been only too happy to comply with this wish since August 30th, 2021 – with the exception of a few main traffic routes. After all, the nationwide 30 km/h limit fits perfectly into the desired turnaround in traffic, which primarily aims to reduce noise, environmental pollution and accidents.

Reduce traffic space for cars

This should make the streets of the metropolis safer, especially for cyclists, because you would like to see more of them. In any case, the switch to cycling has increased since Corona, according to the city. More distances would now be covered with your own muscle power on two wheels. It is fitting that many of the temporary bike lanes are currently being converted into permanent bike paths. Anyone who has ever had to drive across Paris by car will recognize the sense of it even as a car lover. You don't want to see car avalanches in the city in the future. Mayor Anne Hidalgo has promised the citizens a total of 1,000 kilometers of new cycle paths and S-Bahn lines . In return, the space for cars is reduced.

By the way, the innumerable 30 km/h speed limit signs were not put up in Paris, as reported by the online portal heise.de. Because the regulation is so extensive, a one-off notice on the access roads leading into the city is sufficient. In itself, however, the capital is a latecomer. In France, around 200 cities already have a partial or general speed limit of 30 km/h. In Spain, a general 30 km/h limit has been in effect in all cities since May. You can find out what other measures are planned in Paris in our photo show.,


Paris slows down the motorists. Well, the traffic conditions have taken care of that so far anyway. Traffic jams are the order of the day in the metropolis – then many drivers would wish they could drive at least 30 km/h. But the speed limit is just one of many levers to get people to switch to other modes of transport. And if there should be space on the streets again, only 30 will be driven.


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