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Technorama Ulm 2015: Motorbikes in the rain, cars in the hall

Hans-Jörg Götzl
Technorama Ulm 2015
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I On the calendar, Technorama Ulm is usually around the first May, then the apple, cherry and pear trees bloom in the area. So spring is in full swing and makes you feel elated.

At least it's not snowing

However, it is raining always happy here in spring, if it doesn't get worse: “I arrived in the VW T2 and it was just starting to snow,” says a visitor in a yellow rain jacket, who has been a regular since the 1980s . Snow is not an issue at a good 10 degrees Celsius, but it rains twine on Friday while setting up. Weather changes only exist when the showers rise and fall.

Motorcyclists are tough

At least the providers of motorbikes and two-wheeler parts as well as the motorcycling visitors of the Technorama apparently the weather doesn't really bother: Put on another rain jacket, woolen hat on your head, done, the weather can't be changed anyway. You take it philosophically calmly. The motorcycles are literally out in the rain, real rarities are rare, that's why they are called that.

BMW R75 /7 with Hoske -Auspuff

At BMW specialist Siebenrock there is a beautiful R75 /7 with Hoske bags that can now be registered, they have just received the certificate for it, Jochen Siebenrock proudly announces and invites you to a sound test. Right on the lake shore there is a single-cylinder pre-war BMW, a barn find, the seller calls for 3800 euros. A whole series of perfectly preserved or restored Kawasaki Z models cannot be bought, but they are always nice to look at - luckily they are in one of the halls, in the middle of the parts dealers.

Cars in the Donauhalle

Anyone interested in four-wheeled offers has to go to the Donauhalle, which is filling up more and more with occasions. There is, for example, the gray 1951 pretzel beetle by Benno Laipple from Oberelchingen: The car was out of service for a good 40 years, now the 22-year-old mechanical engineering student and his father have overhauled all the technology and removed all rust damage. The paint is not original and the interior was renewed at some point, but basically the Beetle is apparently in good shape. Benno Laipple would have € 23,000happy for the VW, the question arises: Why is it being sold at all? 'We have six more pretzel beetles, my brother is currently bringing number 7 from Sweden.' Ok, that applies, especially since there is still a 1302 in the Laipple household.

350 SLC or 450 SLC?

A few meters further on, the visitor can choose between two silver Mercedes SLC: Number one is a 350 SLC, built in 1972 , 275,000 km, with H approval, price 9,990 euros. Right next to it is a 450 SLC from California, only 32,000 km, all fluids plus tires new, 27,500 euros. Disadvantage: Ugly US bumpers. Colleague Alf Cremers would take the 350 - or the 280 E, which is available for about a third across the street.

Alfa Giulia 1300 Super, 10,000 euros

I particularly like a pine-green Alfa Giulia 1300 Super: first hand, fresh from Pisa, 86,000 km, unwelded, mostly original paint, great inside, clean engine compartment. The Italian dealer is known for serious goods, the price is tempting: “I'll write a higher amount, but 10,000 euros is the lower limit.” What luck that Alf needed the red number today, otherwise I would have to my wife's tonight explain something.

VW T2 with Porsche engine

It gets really weird again at the other corner of the Donauhalle, where a VW T2 with Westfalia equipment stands next to a Citroën DS: Als The drive is a 2.2 liter 911 engine, the brake system and chassis have been adapted, everything has been entered, TÜV and H approval new, 29 911 euros. For a surcharge of 85 euros there are sunglasses by Porsche Design.

Tempting, but no one needs sunglasses in Ulm these days. And in case you are wondering why there are no motorbikes in the outdoor area in the photos: my camera would not have been able to cope with the amounts of water. Saturday and Sunday the rain should ease - hopefully.


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