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Techno Classica marketplace: Expensive Porsches in oversupply

Kai Klauder
Techno Classica marketplace
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N after visiting the outdoor area you can get the first positive conclusion of the Techno Classica 2015 pull: the range of classics on offer is increasing. Private sellers usually offer their vehicles on the large areas under the blue sky. Here you are close to the scene and can see where the journey in the vintage train is going.

The role of the ICE is still played by the Porsche 911. In Essen there is a full selection. In the halls of the professional dealers, the high-end restorations and rare original cars at horrendous prices. From private hands and from the smaller dealers outside the gates. But here, too, the price train is picking up speed. A 911 SC from 1978 is being offered for 62,900 euros. The condition is quite good, purists complain about the mounted turbo seats, but it would only be in line with the market at a discount of around 15,000 euros.

We show more 911s in our photo show.

The scene is becoming more colorful

However, more and more brands are joining the heavyweights of the scene, Mercedes and Porsche. The complete Mercedes model range from the 50s to well into the 90s can still be bought, but more exotic models are also on offer.

There are several Citroën HYs on open-air site 4. These friendly commercial vehicles do not have the status of a Bulli with us, but they are also much rarer. And when you've had enough of certain models, your view is broadened. In addition to a flatbed truck with a tarpaulin body, a rare HY with Perkins diesel is also available. The price is very self-confident: 25,000 euros for a barn find in a pitiful condition - friendly observers speak of 'strong patina' - is way too much.

Anniversary model Citroën DS

Let's stay with Citroën. The French celebrate 60 years of DS this year. And consequently, the range of the currently popular model at Techno Classica is increasing. There are more than 20 of these design and technology icons for sale. If they weren't cheap in the last few years, prices are currently rising again. A DS 21 Pallas from 1969 is a proud 45,000 euros, a D Special from 1970 is barely justifiable at 18,500 euros.

A 1973 D Super 5 for 27,500 euros is significantly too expensive. The bird shoots a DS21 Pallas from 1967, which costs 49,999 euroswho scratches 50,000 euros - around 15,000 euros too much. One of the rare break station wagons sold quickly. With 55,000 km it should cost 36,500 euros.

Renault 4 in top condition

Small pearls can also be discovered . For example a 1983 Renault 4 from first hand with around 60,000 km in a rarely seen condition. The 9,750 euros are suitable for a model that is around 20 years older - and the R4 is not yet in the league of the ducks - or is there a trend to be read? our photo show.


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