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Techno Classica 2010: World premiere in Essen - What a sauce

Volkswagen Classic
Techno Classica 2010 - VW Commercial Vehicles Classic
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Who doesn't know them, those Legend of the currywurst in the VW canteen, which, according to many Wolfsburgians, is one of the best in the world. In the 1970s, the crisp red was thirsting for a suitable side dish - and set entire development departments in motion.

Best seller - more than 425,000 VW ketchup were sold in 2009

The result was - of course, a currywurst sauce called Volkswagen Ketchup, which has a stronger consistency and so adheres particularly well to the sausage - the composition is like other ketchup - Top secret varieties.

In 1997, the VW ketchup could finally be purchased by end consumers for the first time. And the sales of the red sauce increased enormously: In the first year 70,000 bottles were sold - twelve years later there were 425,000. And already in the first ten weeks of this year more than 100,000 ketchup bottles found their buyers.

Volkswagen has limited its new ketchup to exactly 1,000 copies

Now presented Volkswagen Classic the retro version of the red liquid. The taste of the 'Volkswagen Classic Ketchup' has been refined again and is celebrating its premiere in Essen at the Techno Classica 2010.

Initially, a limited series of 1,000 bottles was launched, the label of course shows a VW Beetle. The ketchup can be purchased at the Volkswagen Classic stand in Hall 7.0 for three euros.

Whoever does not get a chance can hope for future events with the participation of the Volkswagen Classic department. Because even after the world's largest classic car fair, the ketchup should be available at VW Classic Events and in the Volkswagen shop at Werk-Tor 17.

The right sales vehicle - the Snack-Bulli

The freshly restored Snack-Bulli at Techno Classica offers the right automotive setting for ketchup and currywurst. Wirtschaftsbetriebe and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimer have a blue and white T2a /b panel van from 1971 with a color-matching trailer for the rolling cult snack barrebuilt. In around 850 working hours, a piece of jewelery was created that will make its grand entrance at Techno Classica.

B ald the snack-mobile will be seen at further events his - then usually together with his companions: the well-known Beck's-Bulli, which was also seen in Essen last year. And a Coca-Cola Bulli, which is currently being built.


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