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Techno Classica 2010: Tradition obliges - The manufacturers in Essen

Hardy Mutschler
Techno Classica 2010 - The manufacturers
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Traditionally, automobile manufacturers present themselves at the Techno Classica effective for the public with impressive stands - despite the The crisis in the key industry has not changed anything this year either.

All major manufacturers - except for Opel

With the exception of Opel - the Rüsselsheim-based company is for the first time not having a factory stand due to the current situation - all the major German and the most important European manufacturers are in Essen. It is striking how many companies show new vehicles in the context of their history. They make it clear that maintaining tradition in the automotive industry is not an end in itself:

The manufacturers hope that the presentation of their own history and historical technology will bring them to life clear competitive advantages for your current models.

Mercedes asks: Is that still a car? '

Mercedes-Benz is currently advertising the new SLS AMG with this question. The Untertürkheim-based company is using the market launch of the new sports car as an opportunity to present super sports cars from over 100 years in Essen from Mercedes-Simplex from 1903 through SS K and 300 SL gullwing to the C 111 and SLR McLaren.The Mercedes Simplex, designed by Wilhelm Maybach, achieved spectacular successes in Nice and at the 1903 Gordon Bennett race and thus became the forefather of all Mercedes racing and sports cars of the next generation. Maybach had consistently designed the Simplex for more performance, easier operation and greater reliability.

Downgraded 25 years later the compressor sports car of the company, which has since merged to form Daimler-Benz AG, is the competition . Accordingly, the Stuttgart-based company is bringing an SS K from 1928 to Essen from its stock. The genes of the SLS can already be seen on the outside of the 300 SL from 1954 on the gullwing doors, as well as the C 111 from 1969 and the C 112 from 1991. CLK-GTR from 1997 and Vision SLR from 1999 round off the Mercedes-Benz ancestral gallery of the new one SLS off.

OnIn the approximately 4,500 square meters - a good half of Hall 1 - Daimler is presenting the range of the Classic Center as well as the super sports cars and also the new 'Young Classics' area with the model series W 124, R 129 and W 126. As in previous years, it also includes the appearances of the Mercedes-Benz clubs recognized by the plant - 16 from Germany and some from abroad - at the large star stand.

BMW celebrates the Mille Miglia victory 70 years ago, the new 5 Series and 30 years of the R 80 G /S

Mille Miglia, Monolever and middle class BMW is celebrating the anniversary of a spectacular race victory: in 1940, an aerodynamically clad BMW 328 won with Huschke von Hanstein and Walter Bäumer the Mille Miglia in Italy. BMW is commemorating this victory 70 years ago with the winning car, a BMW 328 with coupé body from Carrozzeria Touring, with the third-place winner, a 328 with an aerodynamic Spyder body, and a BMW 328 Roadster.

And another anniversary is coming up: In 1980 the BMW R 80 G /S made its debut and revolutionized the off-road motorcycle market with its large-volume boxer engine and the Single swing arm as rear wheel guide. In addition to some series variants, BMW is also presenting the first Dakar winning motorcycle from the white-blue brand from 1981.

Just like Daimler, BMW uses the technology Classica to present a new model in the environment of its predecessors - in this case the new 5 Series. From the first generation in 1972, the Munich-based company shows the most important development stages up to the current model of the mid-range sedan.

BMW Group Hall 12: Mini, clubs and restoration workshop

As in the previous year, the Bavarians will again occupy almost all of Hall 12 and present two new activities in the classic area: the restoration of private oldies in the in-house Restoration workshop and preparation for races of BMW classics for private customers. In addition, the clubs will be even more involved in the factory stand.

The group brand Mini can also come up with an anniversary: ​​50 years ago the estate version of the Mini appeared in the Countryman and Traveler versions . To celebrate, a selection of various mini station wagons is available in Essen - right up to the modern Clubman.

Moving: Beetle variants at the Techno-Classica at VW

Under the topic 'What moves us', the Autostadt in Wolfsburg is showing the anniversary exhibition '10 Years of the Autostadt'. It has had the most visitors since 2000The world's car museum has attracted over 20 million guests. The ZeitHaus der Autostadt, which is dedicated to cross-brand automotive milestones, presents ten specialty automobiles that demonstrate the exciting wealth of variants of the special bodies created on Beetle chassis.

The focus is on a Rometsch Beeskow Cabriolet and Coupé, as well as a Rometsch Lawrence Coupé, Beutler Spezial Cabriolet, Beutler 696 Porsche Spezial Coupé, VW type Hebmüller Cabriolet, VW Stoll-Coupé, VW-Denzel Sport and one Karmann-Ghia Coupé and one convertible each. And, of course, their connecting basis should not be missing: a cutaway model of a Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle, in which the typical platform floor assembly is visible, the floor assembly that served as the basis for 21,529,464 Beetles built worldwide - around as many as the Autostadt visitors in just ten years.

Off to the ground - From 181 to Iltis, from Golf Country to Amarok

Driving fun off the beaten track The Volkswagen Group and its various brands will again occupy almost all of Hall 7 in 2010. The motto of Volkswagen Classic as a traditional division of the Volkswagen brand is this year 'driving fun off the beaten track'. The tradition of SUVs, fun vehicles and crossovers has a 40-year history with the Wolfsburg-based company - starting with the VW 181, the rear-wheel drive off-road vehicle that was originally built for the German Armed Forces as a courier vehicle, but caused a sensation among young car enthusiasts as an open fun car .

There is also the Iltis winning car from the Paris-Dakar Rally in 1980, a VW Golf Country, which incidentally turns 20 this year Celebrating her birthday, an Apal Buggy GF and the Tarek with which Jutta Kleinschmidt drove the 2002 Paris-Dakar rally. The 1st International K 70 Club e.V. is presenting an anniversary at the VW stand: The K 70 originally developed by NSU came onto the market 40 years ago, the first Volkswagen with a water-cooled in-line engine in the front of the vehicle and front-wheel drive.

VW Commercial Vehicles celebrates 25 years of synchro

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is bringing a total of six exhibits - from the T 1 to the T 3 - to Essen and is also celebrating 25 years of synchro at the Techno-Classica. Since 1985, all-wheel drive has ensured that the VW Transporter can dig through thick and thin in synchro - its viscous coupling transmits the drive force to the front axle variably depending on the road situation.

VW Beetle - it has been running and running for 75 years

The Volkswagen AutoMuseum Foundation commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Volkswagen Beetle with two interesting exhibits: the VW V3 reconstruction of the original 1935 and the' 50 Years Beetle 'anniversary Beetle from 1985. An eye-catcher from VW The Classic Parts division is the pretzel window Beetle, dubbed 'pea' because of its green color, from 1952, with which two fans of the crawly animal drove the Panamericana last year.

30 years of Audi quattro

After Last year the 100th anniversary of the Audi brand was duly honored, the Ingolstadt-based company is celebrating 30 years of quattro this year.The Audi quattro, also known as the original quattro, was the first in a larger series in 1980 kzahlen produced road vehicle with permanent all-wheel drive and generally decisive for the success story of the quattro drive from Audi as well as for the spread of permanent all-wheel drive in road vehicles.

Audi is bringing a total of five quattro models to Essen: in addition to the original quattro, the V8 DTM, the winning car from 1990, an Audi S2 Coupé from 1990, an Audi RS 2 and an Audi Coupé quattro, the four-wheel drive version of the Audi Sport Coupé B2 . The Audi Museum mobile - which is celebrating its 10th birthday in 2010 - and the Audi Club International (ACI), the umbrella association of the Audi Clubs and all the clubs of the predecessor brands, will also be located on the 700 square meter area of ​​the Audi Tradition.

Skoda: flair of the Monte Carlo Rally

2010 will be a sporty year at Škoda. The 110R, which Matthias Kahle and Peter Göbel once again contested the AvD-Histo-Monte in February, is at the center of the stand, which is typically designed for rallies. For good reason: The Škoda 110R was presented 40 years ago, which formed the basis for the successful 130 RS sports car. This is just as much a part of the stand as two other important models from the Czech brand's Monte-Carlo history: the rare Popular Sport Monte-Carlo Coupé from 1935 and an Octavia TS, which no other car featured in the Monte-Carlo Rally between 1961 and 1963 could hold a candle to its class.

Former rivals in peaceful harmony

The Bentley and Bugatti brands will be present at the group concert in Hall 7. In the 1920s, they were rivals on the racetrack - at Techno-Classica, their former competitors are creating one for the first timejoint trade fair appearance. And that as a kind of scenic representation with Bugatti classics on one side and Bentley on the other, linked by a symbolically depicted race track.

This shows the original Bentley Blower Birkin Team Car, which competed in Le Mans in 1930 with the legendary Bentley boy Tim Birkin , and the Bentley Speed ​​8 Le Mans winning car from 2003, whose twin-turbo V8 puts around 600 hp on the wide rear wheels. There was also a yellow and black Bugatti Type 55 Roadster from 1931, one of 38 cars built that Jean Bugatti designed at the age of 22, and a yellow Bugatti EB 110 SS (SS stands for Super Sport), of which only about 32 were made originated in the 1990s.

The two luxury car manufacturers are also presenting four current models: Bugatti Veyron, Bentley Continental R Le Mans Series, Bentley Continental Supersports and Bentley Mulsanne. Zuffenhausen successes in Le Mans Porsche celebrates its first overall victory in Le Mans 40 years ago at the Techno-Classica. The Zuffenhausen-based company is bringing the winning car from their museum to Essen: the red and white Porsche 917 K with start number 23, painted in the colors of Porsche Salzburg.

Hans Herrmann signs autographs

His driver Hans Herrmann will also be there his. The now 82-year-old racing legend will be available for autographs on Saturday, April 10, 2010. In addition to the 917, Porsche is presenting another Le Mans winner, the 911 GT1. With him, the Porsche works team celebrated their 16th overall victory at Le Mans in 1998. In addition to Porsche Classic and the Porsche Museum, the areas Porsche Design Driver's Selection and Porsche Exclusive & Tequipment are represented on the 300 square meter stand, as well as the Porsche Clubs and the Porsche Center Bensberg. The Porsche Classic workshop is also showing a restoration project that the Zuffenhausen-based company is currently working on.

Ford: Bathtub and Knudsen-Taunus

Ford will be represented again this year - as usual - with a club stand in Essen, organized by the Alt Ford Freunde eV and the Ford Oldtimer and Motorsport Club Cologne eV focus on two birthdays: 50 years of Taunus 17M P3 'Bathtub' and 40 years of Knudsen Taunus. The clubs come up with rarities: a Taunus 17 M pickup, framed by a similarly rare bathtub convertible and a station wagon. The trio is complemented by a Taunus limousine from the Classic portfolio of the Ford factory. The clubs are also showing all variants of the Ford Taunus I: a sedan, a coupéand the station wagon.

200 years of Peugeot: bridges to modernity and dance of the streamline

The French also take the market launch of a new model as an opportunity to look back on history. In addition to the new Coupé RCZ, Peugeot is showing a Peugeot 404 Coupé, a 504 Coupé and the 104 Z - after all, the 'Z' in the RCZ type designation is reminiscent of the small 104 Coupé of the 1970s. The traditional French brand is also celebrating a big anniversary this year: 200 years of Peugeot.

40 years of Citroen GS and SM

Citroën presents the new DS 3 in the context of its historical counterparts. 'Luxury under the double angle' will be the umbrella term for the Citroën presentation - but the French are still silent about further details. The clubs on Citroën Street have already announced their motto: They are celebrating 40 years of the Citroën SM and 40 years of the Citroën GS.

75 years of Volvo PV 36 Carioca

Volvo is coming back to Techno-Classica this year with a small but fine presentation: The Swedes are celebrating 75 years of the Volvo PV 36 Carioca, the first streamlined Volvo. Only 500 vehicles of the spacious luxury model were built - Volvo Cars Heritage is bringing three of them to Essen.

100 years of Alfa - many legends are in Essen

A big Alfisti festival Alfa Romeo is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and is sending seven automobile delicacies from the inventory of the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese to Essen. Museum director Stefano Agazzi has already announced five of them. This includes the P3, also known as Tipo B, of which only 15 were built in 1932. With its 215 hp, compressor-mounted 2.7 liter eight-cylinder in-line engine, the bolide dominated numerous Grand Prix races at the time.

With the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 Le Mans Speziale, a one-off production by Carrozzeria Touring, Alfa Romeo competed in Le Mans in 1938 and caused a sensation. The Tipo 159, designed as Tipo 158 as early as 1937, brought Alfa Romeo the Formula 1 world championship in 1950 and 1951 - Juan Manuel Fangio's winning car (1.5 liter displacement, 8 cylinders with compressor, 420 hp) from 1951 is in Essen be seen. Only 18 examples of the Tipo 33 Stradale were built by Carrozzeria Marazzi - the mid-engine sports car with gullwing doors presented in 1967 was nothing but one forthe road tamed Tipo 33 of the sports car world championship.

Already in the first year of its appearance in the German Touring Car Championship, 1993, won the Alfa Romeo 155 DTM with V 6 engine and Nicola Larini at the wheel took victory in this racing series. A special show at the Alfa Romeo stand commemorates another anniversary: ​​60 years ago, the Milan-based brand clinched its first Grand Prix victory. In 1950, the Alfa Romeo Tipo 158 won every drivers' world championship Grand Prix race it competed in and gave Giuseppe Farina the first Formula 1 world championship in motor sport history.

Secret about the appearance of Ferrari and Maserati

A us Italy will also present Ferrari and Maserati with factory stands at the Techno-Classica. However, the Italians have not yet revealed details about their appearances in Essen - fascinating sports cars will certainly be there so far.


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